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How to remove fake nails that are stuck with superglue?

Hi, a friend of mine used superglue to put on her fake nails. How can she get them off?How to remove fake nails that are stuck with superglue?
Soak your hands in nail polish remover...that has ACETONE. The ACETONE will help to soften the nails, then you can remove them. Regular nail polish remover will not do it. However, you can find Acetone Nail Polish Remover at most drug stores, or discount stores...its cheap!

hope this helps her!How to remove fake nails that are stuck with superglue?
well when i always wanted to take off fake nails, i would soak it in hot water and then i would use one of those things that are attached to nail clippers, the sharp thing that you use to clean your nails, and then i would dig it into the sides of the fake nails and keep doing that. try to wear it out and then just pull the nail to see if itll come off. and if it dosent soak it in more HOT water and then try doing it again ;)
right this is a bit of a pickle she's in

cut them down as far as you can then soak in either hot water, acetone (as someone else mentioned) or nail varnish remover may do the trick. Keep filing of any loosened stuff and beware of the state her nails will be in. Use some nail strengtheners to get them back on form and in future keep her away from the superglue!
Haha, something similar happened to me once.

If she doesnt have acetone and cant obtain some, paint remover worked for me. Just soak her hand in the paint remover or acetone untill the nails become really loose.

Her nails may be weak for a while..
Well... she can't.

She just has to wait for them to grow. If she tries to pull them off, her real nail will come with it. The only thing I can suggest is finding something very abrasive and trying to file the nail down as it grows until it's no longer there.

Good luck
My friend did that, and she regrets to ever do that again. Just wait a day dont pull them off right away. Soke them in hot water with soap. And gently move it up and down until it starts to come off. Thats how my friend got all hers off :)
Soak them in PURE ACETONE. That's a professional product. Tell her to go to a nail salon so they can soak her nails in PURE ACETONE (regular nail polish with acetone does not work as well as PURE ACETONE)...
that sucks!

soak them in nail polish-remover.

one time i got my fingers stuck together while i was fixing a clock and that seemed to work for me. so have her try it out! good luck with all that,
Clip off as far as possible then soak in pure acetone for at least 10 minutes - buff off the softened stuff, then soak again. Repeat until its gone. The nails will be in a dreadful state though.

Buy some Acetone - Nail varnish with Acetone.. soak in a glass..NOT PLASTIC OR METAL bowl.. keep wiping with kitchen roll.. messy and takes a while... about 30 mins..
She won't be doing that again for a very, very long time now, will she?

Dozy Bint.
Just put them in hot water for a long time, it will eventually come off. Also, you can try using baby oil. hope it helps :)
Have her soak her fingernails in pure acetone... or maybe go to a nail salon and see if they can help her to remove them.
Try taking a cotton bud and either using nail polish remover or rubbing alchohol and trying to loosen up the glue that way.
you know its really you!!! hahahahaha jk jk, well there is this stuff you can buy at like, walmart that takes off fake nails, it would prob work for super glue too...
soak them in warm hot water for about 10-15 minutes and walla it like magic (not like ive done it ) lol only joking done it plenty of times
Many nail polishes contain acetone if you can't find it pure. Soak them in this until they come loose.
Super glue? Hahahahahahaha
WARM WATER!!! soak in very warm water for a while and theyll come off.

last time I checked the fake nails came with their own glue.Oh God...

Soak them in really hot water for a long time and LMAO at the superglue hahaha
Pour on them water for 15 minutes.
nail polish remover. Soak a cotton ball w/it and place on toe nails. Don't worry they will come off!
If they really hurt or if any skin is bonded go to A%26amp;E. If not pure acetone
Haha a ';friend'; tell her to cut off her hand XD that'll get some laughs
wait untile the glue wears off. im sure it will.
Oh yeah, ';a friend.';
soak them in hot water?...

wow who wears fake nails?
go to a professional. if u do that urself ur gonna rip ur hole nail off
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    1. lmao just rip them off it worked for me!! jkjk just soak them in hot water or nail polish remover.... GOOD LUcK!!!