Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do you get contacts out with fake nails?

I had gotten my nails done professionally and I wonder whats the best way to get them out with out tearing the contact or hurting your eye.How do you get contacts out with fake nails?
take your 2 pointer fingers, and put them on each corner of your eye like, pointing to the middle of your eye, now push in, but not too hard.How do you get contacts out with fake nails?
That's hard because you normally use like the part of your finger where police do the finger prints. (Only situation I could think of about that part of your finger). So you could hurt your eye with fake nails. I would say fake nails not a good idea.
The only way I could figure out how to get them out was by rubbing my eye until the contact came out ( like the way a child rubs them when they're sleepy ) I tried to use my nails but instead ended up scratching my eyeball - and that sure doesn't feel too good!
Use the ';roll'; method where you quickly flick your bottom eyelid up to dislodge the contacts, and it should come out, but this is quite hard to master. Or you can just cut your nails.

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