Thursday, January 21, 2010

I went and got a french manicure at a nail salon last Friday. I don't have fake nails, they're real.?

I tried taking off the polish with nail polish remover and none of it will come off my nails. It's like they used something that they put over fake nails. I went back there and complained and they didnt' do anything for me. They could barely understand what I was saying. Because of course all nail salon places don't speak ^$(*$%26amp;%%26amp; English. I'm very angry and feel my nails are ruined and I don't know how to get it off. They look like crap now. I think the brush they used on me had acrylic stuff on it and all that is now all over my nails. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!I went and got a french manicure at a nail salon last Friday. I don't have fake nails, they're real.?
you can soak it off with acetone, but the prep they did to make the acrylic adhere will still make your nails look crappy. after soaking-off, just file/buff and coat with clear 'til they're grown-out.I went and got a french manicure at a nail salon last Friday. I don't have fake nails, they're real.?
first try removing it again (sometimes the put multipliable coats on to make it stay on longer) or there might be a special nail polish remover that you can buy (it might be more expensive) or you could find another place (like the place wear you get your hair done) where they do speak English and are professional and have them remove it .... best of luck
soak them use a nail filler and then use alchool
Use Acetone , you can find it at any drug store .

Hope this helps :)
Try to gently buff it off. Then put a mineral coat back on. Then use a gentle top coat to keep them safe from breaking. I wonder if they use a type of spray paint? I've had that done to me before and regular Acetone nail polish remover wouldn't get it off. I actually had to use a cotton ball and some paint thinner on them. It was horrible. I'll never go to another nail salon where I can't effectively voice my opinion because the technician can't understand me.....It unsafe for us!
It's called an acrylic overlay. It will strengthen your nails, but if you want it removed, they can soak your nails and get it off for you.
ya that happened to me. they usually put like 50 top coats on it's really weird. so good luck with your problemo♥♥♥
nail file and paint thinner.
Use a nail polish remover with acetone in it.
Use acetone nail polish. If there is acrylic on your nails it will take it off. It may take a few tries. Soak your nails in it for a few minutes if neccesary. Then buff your nails with one of those files that has 4 different grits on it starting with the roughest down to the softest. This should take all of the polish and any acrylic off.
use polish remover with acetone in it. There not good with real nails at those places! Ive went there before to get my nails done (real) and they did a horrible job and just constantly harassed me and told me I should get fake ones.


when your nails grow it will come off... because the new nail will wont have the stuff on it. so just cut your nails every week. try a nail filer too.
Try a nail file and more remover. I'm pretty sure they used acrylic.
Go to a different nail salon (not the one u got your nails done from) and ask to get them removed. If for some reason they say something like,';no, u need fill!'; be like no i don't I want them OFF. but don't let them give you a fill. If they refuse to take your nails off, go to the drugstore and purchase, ';sally hanson helathy cuticles now!'; (it's in a tiny orange container) and put your nails in there, then try and rip your nails off with plyers.
bleach, water, viniger, rubbing alcohol, look up how to get fake nail coating off
Well dont use too much products or else your nails really will be ruined. i would say try a ittle bit of the nail filer and nail polish remover. some times if you paint over tha french maincure with another color and then try to take it off wiht the nail polish remover, the paint under it, in this case french maincure, usually comes off with it. other than that i would have to say it will come off eventuaally. good luck :)
If it has acrylic in it, try soaking them in nail polish remover for a few minutes. Best type is the one with acetone in it. Good luck.
Oh my ******* god it's the end of the world !@%!#W$!%26amp;$#!%26amp;@^%#85r!

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Seriously, paint over them with a dark color....or just let it wear off.

Isn't it logical to use nail polish remover?
Gross, i know how you feel, sometimes they do a crap job on me and they dont speak english so i cant get a refund. Just boil some water and scrub with baking soda.
nails grow, paint over it and wait for them to grow out. It's not the end of the world, at least you didn't get a really bad hair cut or something that is more noticable like that. How many people's nails do you really notice in a day?

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