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How do you get left over glue off from fake nails?

I got those nails that you glue on by yourself.

I took them off today and there is crusty glue on my nails.

How can I get it off quickly?How do you get left over glue off from fake nails?
bath them in hot waterHow do you get left over glue off from fake nails?
soak your nails in some nail polish remover. or file it off. filing is awful for your nails but it works pretty quick. good luck getting glue off can be a pain
use finger nail polish remover it should take it right off
try soaking em in hot water

thats how i usually get my nails off

and it never leaves glue

so maybe that will work
run them under hot water.

then pour some nail polish remover in a bowl and hold your fingers inside for a couple minutes.

you can usually wipe the rest off with a towel after doing so.

works every time!
use nail polish remover
try putting ur hands in hot water and just let them soak for a little while then u can get the glue off with ur finger nails
Try running it over hot water.
Try acetone, you can buy it really cheap at any hardware store.
nailpolish remover acetone
get some ascetone at cvs or walgreens or anywhere and soak the glue off in a bowl.
use the nail polish remoer with acetone
100% acetone will take it right off - you will get it in a chemist :)
Alcohol and polish remover.
rubbing alcohaul w/ cotton balls.

run against nail, than rinse with water.

hope that helps :)
Hot water
I'm surprised you got those things to work, I've never had such luck with fake nails!
Nail polish remover works.. Theres a kind that takes off fake nails which would work for taking off the glue.

To do it quickly just rub it off with a sponge thing or tissue with the remover.
well you can basically pick it off but it will take a day or 2 for it to completly come off unless you take a LONG bath and pick it off right wen u get out.
its really hard.

but you could try to do it with your fingers.

or just go to the nail salon and they can do it for you.
soak your finger tips in nail polish will make it come off very easily
Here is an idea. I found this on a web page.

Put a heating pad on the table, drape a towel over it, (low heat) pour some acetone in a glass bowl (not plastic--it will melt it) stick your hand in and cover with a towel. Rub your fingers over your nails while you're soaking and that will help. Glue isn't as stong a bond as the acrylic, so it won't take as long to soak off as the nails did... Good luck!
boil some water, let it cool till its COMFORTABLY hot then put your fingers in the water soak for 3 mins.
use a torch!
take a nail file and do it that way
nail polsih remover
soak your nails in nail polish remover
Try using nail polisher remover and also a nail clippers to get it off once it's wet from the polish. Also, an orange stick, it's a nail product. I used to wear the fake ones like that and it worked really well. Best of luck to you.
pick at it for ages and the moisturize :)
soak in acetone (polish remover)

and soak in warm water for a few.
hot water and nail polish remover and a wash cloth

soak hands in hot water

then but some nail polish remover on wash cloth and start dissolving the glue off the nail

good luck!!
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