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I had fake nails on for about two weeks and one nail is green and discolored. what can i do to heal it?

green nails are NOT caused by mold or fungus. They are a bacterial infection. The thing about it being mold/fungus has been taught to nail techs for the last 30 years, and it has only been since 1997 that the standard textbook used in schools for nails (and cosmetology) has been changed.

What happens is when you get lifting, dirt, debris, and all kinds of goodies get trapped beneath the acrylic and your natural nail. Bacteria in the ';garbage'; trapped begin to feed off your natural nail and produce waste (the green color you see).

Now, while it's still green, and not turning brown or black, you can pretty much solve it yourself. RUBBING ALCOHOL. Dehydrate the nail plate with it when you take the acrylic off. Don't try to file or buff the stain off! You will only succeed in making your nail more thin. Your can try some ';nail bleach'; from Sally Beauty... but there is no guarantee that it will work. The stain WILL grow out.

You can PREVENT greenies from happening when you have lifting by applying the alcohol every night before bed to the area that is lifted. Just put a drop by the lifted area and rock the nail back and forth a little to work it under the acrylic.

Now, anytime the stain is really dark--almost a black color... you need to see a Dr. Especially if you have pain associated with it.

Specifically, the strain of bacteria is Pseudomonas. You don't want this bacteria inside your body at all! It is VERY resistant to antibiotics. In advanced stages, you get a variety of ugly situations...nail malformation, loss of the nail, loss of the finger tip, loss of the whole finger, serious internal infections once it enters the blood stream, and death. In that order.

Now, if there is no lifting at all around the acrylic (even at the tips) you nail tech needs to check their sanitation proceedures! That is the only way the nail tech can be blamed. Something they used was dirty. (Common in your everyday Discount Nail Salon)I had fake nails on for about two weeks and one nail is green and discolored. what can i do to heal it?
It sounds to me like you somehow got a fungal infection in the nail. It may or may not be the salon's fault, and you may never know for sure.

But if you do decide to return to that nail salon in the future, there are a few things you can look for that might clue you in:

1) Sterilization - salons must sterilize metal tools. Sometimes they soak their tools in a bacteriocin solution or they ';bake'; their tools in a bacteria-killing device. Sometimes both. Foot basins should be cleaned with cleaner after each use. Files, buffers and other non-metal tools should be in decent shape - i.e. no falling-apart tools, nothing stained, soiled or broken. The salon as a whole should be clean and tidy. No old spills, broken structures or overloaded outlets.

2) Licensure - all nail technicians should have easily-visible certification documents such as a license cards, framed certificates, etc. If they aren't visible, you may ask to see them. All services should be documented as well. If the salon does waxing and tanning too, there should be documentation for that. You should also see some sort of permit that allows the technicians to operate the salon.

As for your fingernail, here's what to do:

1) Have the infected nail removed at a nail salon of your choice. If you try to pry it off yourself, you will end up putting gouge marks, tears and splits in your nail, ultimately creating a weak foundation for the next time you have the nail reapplied.

2) Check your local drugstore for nail fungus treatments. Don't be embarassed. It happens to the best of us!

3) If you can't find anything over-the-counter, or if the treatment doesn't work, make an appointment with your doctor and get a prescription.

4) Once your nail is completely cleared up, you can visit a salon and have a fingernail reapplied.

Good luck!I had fake nails on for about two weeks and one nail is green and discolored. what can i do to heal it?
It sounds like you need to see a doctor.
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