Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can you remove fake nails with out damaging your natural nails?

I glued on some fake nails for a party, using the nail glue that came with them, and now I want to get them off. My natural nails are very thin, so I don't want to damage them at all if I can help it. Any ideas?How can you remove fake nails with out damaging your natural nails?
Soak your fingertips in a bowl of porfessional grade polish remover until they fall off and avoid the urger to break or scrape the gooey nails off. Then clip your natural nails short and file the ends smooth, then use a rich lotion, I like B%26amp;BWorks body butter, working it into your nails as often as you like, at least 2x a day to keep them from getting torn or dry. At least, that's what always works fo me.How can you remove fake nails with out damaging your natural nails?
Next time try using the type of glues that adhesive agent is extremely sencitive to acetone.You will find these types of glues in a Hobby/Craft shop. My fave is Testers Model glue that comes in a small tube. Make sure you scuff both contact points on the fake and real nail.

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well wat u could do is put them in hot water then put nail polish remover that should help you
let them fall off themselfs. Or you'll damage your nail.
yeah.. soak them in acetone!!!!!

or go to a nail salon and have them do it
Soak your fingertips in a mild remover with acetone. They should melt right off.
Go to your nearest nail shop and let them take the nails off for you. Get it done professionally so you don't damage your nails. It only cost about $10.00 for them to remove nails.
O well i really dont kno about nails u put on yourself b-cuz i thought u were talking bout the nails u get done @ da shop b-cuz u can use antone to soak them.
use a chainsaw

just kiddin

just use some menthalated spirit it works
Soak them in 100% acetone remover it cost 3.99 to 6.99 for a large bottle.

Use a glass bowl to soak them off, cause it can cause plastic to melt. I tend to sit the bowl in another bowl filled with warm water like the salons do, not that it makes the process (half n hour to 45min) any quicker. Just feel better.

Good Luck!

Im not sure you can. you could probaly cut them as shot as you can as to not do any damage to your nail them soak them in the solution to soften the fake nail. I always heard it pulls the top layer of your nails. I don't know i have natural nails.
get nail polish remover that is PURE acetone and soak your nails in it. this will actually cause the false nails to sort of melt (but it does not burn or anything). this is the best way to not damage your real nail because you don't have to pick at it and try to snap it off. I hope this helps you!
They sell a solution in any local drug store in the same spot where the nails or sold that you can soak your nails in to help remove the old nails. That or you can go to a salon and they can do it for you.
go to a nail salon and ask them to soak your nails in acetone it will melt the glue and the fake nails should come off without a problem
leave it to the pros!! go to a salon, or let them come off naturally!
In order to take fake nails off without damaging you natural nails is to use nail polish remover containing acetone. Believe me it helps. I use it all the time. And it works every time.

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