Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the best way to apply fake nails?

So that they stay on for the longest time and don't just come off really easily. I'm sick of mine always coming off within a few hours!What is the best way to apply fake nails?
ok make sure your cuticles are pushed back. clip your nails,. take off anything that's on your nails (nail polish, dirt, marker, etc.) wash you hands. then put glue on your nails, not the fake ones, and make sure you press hard when putting them on.What is the best way to apply fake nails?
try to get the nails with glue already on them, and then add more glue on your nail when you put them on.
seriously, follow the instruction manual with the fake nails you will purchase
Why dont you get them done? They stay on from 2-4 weeks usually. By the time you buy all those nails that keep popping off, you can spend that $20-$30 on a professional job, that will last WAY longer.

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