Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the easiest way to remove fake nails?

what do you recommend(taking them off on your own or going to the nail shop??) and fastest way..ive already had them for 3 weeks..and they are annoying me so i want to get them off?What is the easiest way to remove fake nails?
1) Get some string

2) Tape it to your toaster oven

3) Tie the remaining end around your nail

4) Go to the nearest balcony

5) Drop it off!

6) RepeatWhat is the easiest way to remove fake nails?
i just took mine off 15 minutes ago :D

They do the same thing at the salon that you do at home...i just cut them short, then just pulled them off.

Answer mine?;鈥?/a>
i recommend you go to the nail shop, they fix your nails up and shape them. and they put on clear nail polish to help them grow and heal faster.

hope i helped
go to the nearest drugstore and get the brand u want%26amp;%26amp; pick up some liquid acrylic nail remover just soak and they are OFF
soak them in acetone/nail polish remover.
soak them in veggie oil...

it still will hurt.

but to me it felt better.
i picked em off myself. it costs another freakin $10 to have the salon take them off.. sheesh.

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