Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do you take off the fake nails that you buy from the store?

I'm about to glue some on, but before I do, I wanna learn how to take them off without peeling them off so i don't mess up my nails undernath them. How do you take them off?How do you take off the fake nails that you buy from the store?
1)Go to any store that sells beauty products

2) Get any brand of nail polish removal, but look on the back and make sure the first ingriedent is ACETONE

3) Go home lol..

4) Get a small dish/bowl of some sort

5)fill it to the amount you need for your nails, usually half a bowl

6)Put one hand in or both, depending on the bowl/dish size

7)let them soak from 30-45 min, while watching tv or somehting

8)then get some type of panty hose, or that sort of material and start rubbing them off

9) Take A Look At Those Beautiful natural Nails You Have!

10) enjoy!!!


tataHow do you take off the fake nails that you buy from the store?
once you put them on, you sort of have to wait for the glue to get weak...then you can pull them off without damage to your nail. but make sure the glue is weak or else your nail will be demented. either way though it takes a while to get the glue of your real nails once you get the fake nail off--or at least that happened to me. if you get sick of them you could also clips them down to your normal nail size and it will be less annoying.
soak them in fingernail polish remover[[which will make the glue weak]] and then push down the end of the nail [[sorta like a lever and the nail will come off on the side where its near ur skin and then all u have to do is pull it off.
Try soaking them in acetone ♥
soak them in acetone nail polish remover they sell it @ cvs then moistureize ur hands and nails afterwords b/c the acetone dries em out
BBQ sauce. Just kidding, but years ago when I was wearing some cool metallic silver press-on nails (to go with my black blouse with silver threads running through it), my nails came off during dinner in a restaurant. I had ordered ribs and the sauce just ate right through the glue.

I was young, and that was the first and last time I ever tried the fake nails. They have so many great polishes out nowadays, and short nails are pretty much in style, so it's easier to just use polish.

The other people have answered your question much better, of course. I was just trying to tell you to watch what you eat when you wear them.
Maybe you could soak them in warm water until the glue loosens up? Otherwise what I do is just pull them off quickly so your nails don't get really messed up.

Drugstore nails aren't the best things to put on your fingers anyway because the glue isn't that awesome.

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