Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I just took off fake nails and my real nails are paper thin, how do I make my nails harder?

I also use to bite my nails for 19 years so they're soft, brittle, and damaged. What do you suggest I do or use to make my nails harder and stronger so they don't break when they start to grow?I just took off fake nails and my real nails are paper thin, how do I make my nails harder?
Sally hansen has really good products for it i had the same problem and they work amazing

http://www.sallyhansen.com/product.cfm?p鈥?/a>I just took off fake nails and my real nails are paper thin, how do I make my nails harder?
For one thing, don't do fake nails. They will only make your nails weaker. I know lots of people who have fake nails and they all say the same thing. For some people, they so much prefer the fake nails that they really don't care. I would go to a manicurist and ask their advice. There is a product....but I can't remember what it's called. It looks like clear nail polish, but it is fortified with nail strengthening vitamins and conditioners. Ask the manicurist about it. I'm sure he/she will know.
Acrylic nails totally screwed up my real nails as well...leaving them thin and soft - it was very painful! I kept a thin coat of clear polish on them for a while and held them under the water everytime I took a bath/shower. Cuticle cream also helps keep them healthy and nourished/moisturized which will cause them to grow back much faster and healthier! My nails are perfect now! :) Hope this helps!
using a nail hardening product like sally hansen will help *grow strong and diamond hard are two.*

diet are important but letting them grow out after the trauma of fake nails is the only real way to let them recover. dont use Vaseline. it is oil based and blocks air and water besides it keeps them moist and bendable and weak.

Buffing helps but not enough... but so does tapping your finger and nails on desks.. same idea.. besides buffing removes the top layer so dont do it..
My nails are also super think and brittle. I use both Prostrong nail care - Biofusion nail grafting serum (weekly) and Sally Hansen Vitamin E Moisturizing Nail and Cuticle Oil (daily). I need both treatments because they don't work alone! I've been using both products for 2 months and my nails are longer and healthier. Best!
believe it or not, cutting your nails actually makes them stronger, so if you want long nails, let them grow a bit, cut them a a bit, let them grow a bit more and cut them back a bit less than they have grown: like two steps forward and one step back
Yeah...the best things to do is put mosituriser on them, keep them out of water and get nail hardening polish !!! Ive also found getting a manicure done at a beauticians hardens my nails and they can also take away all the rough edges you get after removing false nails :)
just wait until your nails fully grow out again because the you reason they are so thin is because you just took off the fake nails. But in the meantime put on a clear nail polish coat of a polish that has aloe etc.
vitamins! eat healthy foods!!!!!!!

apply vaseline on your hand before bed too. i hear that helps. vaseline also makes your hands soft and moist.

Also buff your nails because it increases blood circulation which help benefit nail health
You can usually pick up a clear nail polish that makes your nails harder. You could probably get it at a CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens.
Wet 'n' wild has a nail polish that hardens your nails. Basically, nail hardener. It works. But try not to break your nails, they hurt really bad. Let me know if it works!

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