Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is it bad for you to wear fake nails for too long?

I keep getting my nails done so that I've basically had fake nails on constantly for over 2 years now. They aren't very long and they are ';pink %26amp; white'; so they look professional and I am totally addicted to them and want to keep them. Only thing is that I'm starting to worry that having my real nails covered with acrylic all the time will eventually cause some problems. Anyone have problems with fake nails being on too long? If so, what?Is it bad for you to wear fake nails for too long?
I am a professional nail tech, and have been for four years. It is recommended to have the whole set taken off and a new set put back on every 6-9 months. Take them off for @ a week or so then have a new set reapplied.

Your nails don't have to breathe to grow. They actually grow faster when they are ';protected'; epically by an artificial nail.

Also, Acrylic is not filled with bacteria. It is when your artificial nail starts to lift off of your natural nail bed and water gets under there, that is when bacteria can start to grow. You will get mold from that. Mold is something that will just grow out, nothing else.It is really hard to get a fungus from acrylic. It is a condition mainly found on toes.

No matter what type of ';enhancement'; you put on your nail it will make your natural nail underneath weak.

One last thing. Make sure you go somewhere that is licensed, clean, and uses nail acrylic. You can actually contract so many diseases from places (hepatitis, AIDS....). There have been many documented cases of women having their nails literally fall off because their acrylic was dental acrylic. You definitely get what you pay for. Nail acrylic is more expensive than dental acrylic. Hint hint. I am sorry this was so long, but I hope I gave you info you can use. Just be safe!!!Is it bad for you to wear fake nails for too long?
You can try getting them removed, because you can get a fungus under the nail from using water 2 often.
I have worn acrylic nails for 15 years without any problems.

I have tried wrapped nails, solar nails, gel nails, but I always go back to the acrylic.

I soak them off every few months and I have never noticed any damage.
its fine. dont wrry.
No, unless you used super glue!
I wore nails for about two years and I decided to have them taken off. Well, one of my nails ripped off in half and they were all paper thin. They hurt for a while. But everyone is different. I have known people who have had them on for at least 5+ years and have had no problems.
The problem with fake nails is your real nail aren't getting any air so under the acrylics, your nails are probably weak and brittle. Also fake nails carry loads and loads of bacteria, so if you work in a resturaunt or a hospital, you might want to reconsider them.
Yes, it is bad for you to wear fake nails for more than a couple of days. Your own nail bed is fragile already and by gluing fake nails over them, you are damaging your own nail bed and stopping the nail bed from getting the necessary oxygen to get to the live nails. The longer you wear fake nails, the more damage you do to your own nails. They become very thin, brittle and even more fragile. You also run a very high risk of getting a bag fungus under the artificial nail tha will ruin your nail bed entirely.

Only wear artificial nails if you never plan to use your own nails again.
it can ruin your own nails, cause they have to have air to live and if you keep them covered up all time they can cause your nails to not grow. if they are not put on right you could get a fungus and get very sick.

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