Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do i remove my fake nails?

I got permanent french nail for my friends sweet 16 2 weeks ago and there starting to grow out and there getting kind of dirty and old looking. I know i could get them filled in but i don't feel like going threw that. How can i take them off myself without damaging the nail?How do i remove my fake nails?
soak them for 5 mins. in acetone.How do i remove my fake nails?
if it was me, i would use pure acetone remover. it is cheap and u can get it at most stores like walmart..etc
Soak them in nail polish remover w/ acetone or go back to the salon where you got them done and they will do the same thing only charge you.
soak them in nail polish remover (the acetone kind) or the drugstore in your area should sell fake nail remover, which is pure acetone and will worke much faster BUT!, if you have sensitive skin this is not a good option for you because it will hurt your skin

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