Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How long do fake nails stay on for?

I am 13 and planning on getting fake nails soon. I just want to know how long fake nails stay on for and which ones are the best to use.How long do fake nails stay on for?
It depends on what you use. If you use the sticky stuff that comes with the nails then they'll stay on for like 2 weeks. Some girls use superglue and they stay on for months but it really dries out the nails.How long do fake nails stay on for?
a long time if u want it to. 2 weeks is the period that u need to get them fill. filling helps the nail stay on longer. also depends on how well u take care of them. But it stays on for a while if u want it to =)
At least a week, usually two weeks though is more common.
about 2 weeks
about 2 wks yeah that seems about right

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