Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How can I keep my nails healthy after taking my fake nails off?

I just took my acrylic nails off, and my nails look awful. I knew this was going to happen, but do you have any suggestions for keeping them healthy?How can I keep my nails healthy after taking my fake nails off?
get some nail strengthening polish, you can get it at many beauty stores! just go up to the desk and ask for any nail strengthening polish, they will most likely have it! good luck!How can I keep my nails healthy after taking my fake nails off?
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Use a good nail oil such as Solar Oil or at least make sure it has vitamin E in it. Use this twice a day (more if you like) as this will nourish both the nails and your cuticles.

Nails don't need to breath, they don't have lungs! So putting a nail strengthening polish on top won't do any more harm. Make sure it's a clear or light colour, because a dark polish will enhance all the lumps, bumps and flaky bits.

Your nails, depending on you, will most likely take at least two to three months to grow right out. You can take sea kelp supplements to help them along too.

Your nails shouldn't be a mess when they are removed properly. It's not the acrylic that damages nails, it's the improper application and removal which does the damage. If you go for acrylics in the future, make sure the tech doesn't use an electric file on your natural nail to 'rough it up' or if removing, doesn't use a bus timetable, credit card or new nail tip to prise them off! (Yes, I have come across this and it is a sure fire way of destroying your nails).

Good luck
My nails always hurt when I used nail polish remover. It felt as if someone had used a hammer to pound my fingers.

I basically believe that nails need to breath, and therefore, adding yet another layer of any kind of polish or strengthener just makes it worse.

I would give the nails a rest. Wash your hands with a mild soap and use lots of good hand lotion before you go to bed. Hopefully in a few days things turn around.

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