Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do you take off fake nails without going to the salon?

I am trying to take off my set of fake nails. I got three off, but it was painful. Any helpful hints of getting the rest of them off and any tips about how to make them get back to normal quicker?How do you take off fake nails without going to the salon?
Acrylic of the worse things women put on to look beautiful. They are a lot of upkeep and can leave your nails with permanent damage. You will need to use nail polish remover with acetone...the stronger the better. Check out one of the beauty outlet stores, or buy straight acetone. You have to soak your nails for about 20-30 minutes to soften the acrylic and loosen it from your nails, then slowly begin to ease the acrylic nail from your natural nails. Just remember that removing the acrylic also removes some of your nail, so expect your nails to be weakened and thin until they completely grow out. Try some of the nail hardeners and restorers until that happens. My daughter is a nail tech.How do you take off fake nails without going to the salon?
Soak them in acetone/nailpolish remover...Also at the store they sell an arcrlic remover that you soak your fingers in...

Either way, the best is to do a soak.
buy a bottle of acetone at any beauty supply store...and soak your nails in it...its not painful at all but it does take time...good luck!!! =)
Ok when you wash your hands use hot water.It helps! Trust me. %26amp; then just move your nail a lot.! and hot water works cuz it melts the glue or softens it.
put your nails under cold water, then put nail polish remover over top, and then they will come off easier.
Like the other girls said , but acetone nail polish remover , and soak your nails in them . It shouldn't take more then 5 or 10 minutes for them to come off . Make sure that you're in a well ventilated room though !

BTW ripping them off is VERY bad for your real nails !! It thins them out and makes them easily breakable . They also won't grow as fast anymore . .
Along with the acetone nail polish remover, if you don't have one.. go pick up a cuticle cutter. Just like the salon's use to get your cuticles off... it's much, much easier to pry the nail off.

One good tip is... Once they are soaked and all, start on the edges to lift them a bit.. and when you are going to take it off, pull it side ways, never forwards or backwards! From my own personal experience, that seems to be the less painful way, and it doesn't do as much damage to your nails. Your nails will be damaged either way, but any precautions will help in the smallest ways. :)
Just rip them off! OWWWWWWWW!!!!

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