Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What type of fake nails look the most natural?

I'm looking at getting fake nails for the first time and do not really know what I am looking for. I want to know what to ask for when I go in. Any info would be helpful.What type of fake nails look the most natural?
Ask them to do the acrylic or gel as thin as possible, and that way they will look more natural.What type of fake nails look the most natural?
they are fake , they wont look natural, but you never know,
go to a nail salon and get acrylic nails put on.

everyone has them, and some look really real.

get them slightley rounded so they look realer.

it usually costs up to $25 to get a full set and painted.

i had fake nails for about 6 months,

and they drove me up the wall!

i usually bite my nails, and with them its almost impossible.

i never broke a nail though.

i wouldnt reccomend them because after you get them off, you have crappy nail beds and you have to grow out messed up textured nails.
Kiss. They come in a pack of 100. The nails are natural and very thin. They have no tips so you can paint them the color of your choice. They are the reallest looking I know of. Also consider Broadway Nails if you want a natural looking french manicure.
french manicure tips. dont get the whole nail, just the tips. if u do get the whole nail, the get the ones with the natural looking moons.
french manicure

my friend even fooled me

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