Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do you remove fake nails stuck on with glue?

im planning to wear a very decorative set of fake nails to my prom. most people say that they can be easily removed if you dip them in acetone, but apparently this melts off the nail.

the fake nails that i have bought were around $70-80 and have alot of diamantes and decorations stuck onto them.

what is a good way to remove them without damaging the fake nails, as well as not ruining my natural nails?How do you remove fake nails stuck on with glue?
Once you put the glue which sticks the fake nails on you have already harmed your nails. Glue is so bad for your nails it drys them out and is hard to get off. But to get the fake nails off boil hot water and when it gets hot/warm enough for you put your hand in leave it in there for 2-3 minutes then take it out and remove the nails.How do you remove fake nails stuck on with glue?
Rubbing alcohol dissolves glue. Pour the alcohol into a bowl and dip your fingers in. Let them sit. After about 5 minutes, try to take the nails off. If they're still sticking, put them into the alcohol a bit longer. Just don't rip them off. That can totally ruin your real nails.
You just have to dip them in really hot water, but honestly you'll probably cause some damage to the fake nails. Even if you get them taken off at a salon they would probably cause a little damage to them.
I don't think you can remove them with damaging your nutaral nail.

I just peal them off, but id listen to the girl above me.
pour aload of nail varnish remover in a bowl then sock your nails in there for 5-10 minutes then they will pop off by them selves
yank them off! haha um just keep trying to move it in circles back and forth then they should loosen it up and come right off. Or else they will pop off.(sometime)
thats alot of money 4 nails lol but i guess thats fine since they were 4 prom peel them off if u can or go to the shop where u went and they can take them off it will cost though

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