Saturday, January 23, 2010

What was the first occassion you ever got fake nails ?

When was the first time you ever either bought fake nails to do yourself or had them done at the salon ? Press on or glue or salon ?

I was 15 and remember they were the Lee nails I got when I went shopping with my aunt. I'm 28 now and think I have been keeping them done ever since that time.What was the first occassion you ever got fake nails ?
my wedding.What was the first occassion you ever got fake nails ?
It was for my high school graduation. I got them done at a nearby salon. I kept getting them done for about a year, and I was never satisfied with the results. Salons hated me because I was very picky and I always demanded nail art.

So finally I went to beauty school during last summer, got my license, and I become one myself. It not only saves me money, but I can make money by doing them on others ;)
i got mine done like 6 wks ago for the first time for my 8th grade graduation. they were done at the salon...gelld i think. not acrylic. they were purple and yellow (the tips) (my school colors) and i had a flower with a clear little stud at the center on each index finger.
I was 7 years old and I went to Limited Too and saw pink camouflage fake nails with flowers on them :) They were glue, and really cute my mom let me use them for fun.

I am 13 now and have only used fake nails twice.
I was probably 12 when I got the cheapy glue-on ones (but I haven't used them since)

I got my first fake nails at a salon before I was in my brother's wedding when I was 20 and then again for my wedding at 21.
an 8th grade prom i was invited to. I put on acrilics for the first time and i was in 7th grade

For the put ons i was like 5 and i used to put them on with my best friend for fun lol
Prom my freshman year(14 years old).

They were just the kind that I glued on myself.

But then for prom my sophomore year(15 years old) I went to a salon and got them professionally done.
i was 12 and my mom just made a load of money and she treated me to some bio sculpture nails, they were amazing but just a bit too price to get done evey month. still ive stuck with bio because its so gooood
i dont know how old i was , i think it was for a school disco or something, they where jus plain french manicure type nails x
I Never got fake nails.

My nails were always long lol.
When i was 15, i got them done for my big party.I also got my toes done
I was 10 or 11 for sixth grade

At a salon

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