Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is the difference between these fake nails?

I want to get french tips but I would like to know What is the difference between acrylic, solar and gel nails?What is the difference between these fake nails?
Found this in another question...

- Acrylic nails are made by the tech combining a monomer (the liquid), and a polymer (the powder). The resulting mixture is then applied to your nails either over plastic tips (the easy way, I hate tips!!!), or is sculpted over your nails to create the nail enhancement. The mixture of liquid and powder hardens in minutes through means of an exothermic reaction. Basically, they harden once they are combined together and are exposed to air, and body heat (from your nails). The end result is a long lasting, durable nail.

- Solar nails. This is simply a term used most commonly by these discount salons to describe what amount to acrylic Pink %26amp; White nails. In short, Solar nails ARE acrylic nails. The only thing different is the colors used during the application. MANY peolple mistakenly believe that Solar Nails are something other than acrylic, They think that these nails are stronger, longer-lasting, non-yellowing, and overall- just better than acrylic nails are. Well, as a licensed nail technician who has been around for many years in the nail industry: I'm telling you the truth. They are acrylic nails. No better, no worse. But, they are acrylic nails either way. Don't be fooled by this misleading term. And don't let anyone tell you they are better than acrylic nails. If they do, then just try this one out on them and see what their response is. Simply ask them ';What makes these solar nails better than acrylic nails?'; I bet they have no idea, because they don't know the answer! They are just going by what other people, and techs have told them. Well, don't believe it. Moving on...

Gel nails. These are nails which are made from chemicals which are very similar to acrylic nails are made from. In fact, both are from the family of chemicals called the acrylics. The difference is that one is a liquid and a powder that is applied to your nails, and air hardened. The other is a gel - literally. The UV gel is applied to your nails in several thin layers. Each individual layer of UV gel MUST be cured under a UV lamp for 2 minutes. There is NO liquid and powder used ion the application of UV gel nails.
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