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Do you think that $5 is too cheap for fake nail removal?

So I wanna get my fake nails taken off the nail salon in wal-mart says its only 5 bucks...does that sound too cheap?? soaking my nails didn't work...Please HELP!!! (thx in advance)Do you think that $5 is too cheap for fake nail removal?
Acrylic nails can be removed by soaking them in pure acetone for 20-30 minutes. If it does not come off easily in that amount of time, then it is most likely due to one of two things:

1) You have gel nails. Traditional gel nails cannot be soaked off.

2) You have acrylic nails, but they were made from acrylic products which contain a subtance called MMA. This is not approved for use on nails by the FDA, and it can not only severely damage your nails, but it can permanently ruin them, and be hazardous to your health as well.

If your nail tech took her brush and dipped it into liquid, and then into powder and then applied it to your nails, then you do not have gel nails, you have acrylic nails.

If that is the case, and you have tried to soak them off in pure acetone but they won't come off, then my guess is that you have MMA nails. MMA will soak off eventually, but it will take upwards of two to three hours just to become soft enough to begin the process of removing them. Even then its not easy. Read this about MMA if you would like a bit of info on it:


The bottom line is this. If you go to a 'discount' salon such as the one in Walmart, there is a 99.99% chance that the method they will use to remove your acrylic nails WILL ruin your natural nails, and cause you a lot of unnecessary pain as well. They are either going to: 1) Use nail nippers and clip into the acrylic nail, then use the nippers to literally 'tear' the acrylic from your natural nails, or 2) They will use a plastic nail tip, wedge that in between the acrylic nail and your natural nail, and PRY your acrylic nails off, or 3) They will file them down using a Dremel drill. This will 9 out of 10 times also ruin your nails, and it will hurt. None of these methods are acceptable, or proper. Don't let anyone do any of these to you. And don't do them to yourself either. Its just not the right way to remove nail enhancements.

If you would like to have your nails ruined, and you would also like to feel a fair amount of pain during the process, and pain/soreness for a few days after your nails have been removed, then by all means go to Walmart, and have them remove them for you. They will not take the time necessary to remove the nails properly - which is by soaking them off. So, they will choose one of the above mentioned methods and go with that. I mean, you are paying $5, what do you expect? As a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. That applies to where you get your nails done as well. You pay $25, you get $25 dollar nails. And nothing more.

My guess - though I could be wrong (its just a guess after all!), is that you chose a 'discount' salon to apply your nails to begin with? To help you answer that, a 'discount' salon is basically one that charges roughly $25 or less for a full set.

In order to keep prices so low, the discount salons will normally take every possible shortcut they can to save time - time is money to them - and they will do just about anything to keep costs down, and that includes using MMA in their acrylic applications. Why? It is cheap. Very cheap. A gallon of MMA monomer (the 'liquid') costs around $20. A gallon of FDA approved monomer will cost a minimum of $200+. And even though MMA has been banned, and is illegal to use on nails in most states, these places will use it anyway. They are entirely profit driven, and could give a hoot about you, or your nails, or your health. They want you in, and out that door as quickly as possible. If you went to a discount salon, then you got what you paid for - cheap, and quite possibly, toxic nails (MMA). I'm sorry, but that is the cold, hard truth of the matter.

If you want to save your nails from further damage (MMA causes damage, often it causes permanent damage), and avoid unnecessary pain, then do this. Find a good, reputable salon with experienced, highly skilled -and licensed nail techs, and go there to have them removed. It will take several hours of your time - and theirs as well - and you will pay much more than $5 for the removal, but consider it a learning experience, and avoid discount salons in the future. They are not worth the little bit of cash savings you get by going to them, not to mention the health risks associated with them

Of course, the choice is up to you where you decide to go. You want to go to Walmart for the removal, then by all means go.But, if you would like some help in choosing a salon/tech that will NOT ruin your nails any further and will NOT cause you any pain in the process, then please have take a look at the site I provided for you below. There are many salons who can remove your nails properly, but if you want to save yourself the time and effort of finding the right one, then check out this website. It is a company called Creative Nail Design. They are been in business since the late 1970's providing the highest quality professional nail products to nails techs around the globe. The link I provided will take you directly to their ';Salon Locator.'; You just enter the required information, and it will give you a list of salons in your area. The salons/techs listed on their site have all been thoroughly trained, and certified by the company prior to their being listed on this site. In short, they are well qualified to do the job of removing your nails properly, and pain-free. I highly recommend them:


Good luck!Do you think that $5 is too cheap for fake nail removal?
Nah, most people do it themselves...it's just a quick service for people who can't get it done.
No, its the perfect price.:]:]

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