Saturday, January 23, 2010

How do you remove fake nails at home?

I got tips, and I already pretty much ruined one nail.

But, I want to know how to remove them using stuff you have at home?

And will my one nail eventually like..grow out?

Because I think I like..damaged it. Ugh.How do you remove fake nails at home?
you have to buy finger nail polish remover and soak them for a pretty long time then use a nail file to remove the rest. then go get a manicureHow do you remove fake nails at home?
Well, your nail will eventually grow out, because they are always growing. How did you damage it?

To get the tips off you need to soak them in acetone which softens the acrylic overlay (if that is what you are using). You could probably use nail polish remover (soaking your nails in that). This allows you to remove the tips.
If you can afford it, better off to go to a professional to have them removed. If you do it yourself, you could really damage your nails underneath.
soak in acetone
soak it in warm water... and yes, it should eventually grow out. nails are always growing. if you pulled off your real nail, it'll grow again from scratch.
Nails always grow back! Try soaking your nails in hot water and when they get looser, take them off.
acetone is regular nail polish remover as opposed to the kind that is made specially for fake nails. Your nail will eventually grow out. Just use acetone to remove the nail.
DO NOT remove them at home, there is to much risk of permanatly damaging your nails!

but if you absolutly must, go buy Pure Acatone and soak the nails in it. To make it work a bit faster get a hot bowl of water and pour the acetone in a small cup and place in the hot water. The heat of the water will warm the acetone and help pull the fake nail off a little faster. Then take a very smooth nail file and gently buff the nail till the residue is gone. Then wash your hands with soap and water and lotion up your hands. It will take a while, just have patientce, please! :)
pull them off, or wait for them to come off, there is no way to actually remove them, i know it sux. Next time just use stick ons.

Hope this Helps!

Marissa Cooper
You should probably just go to a professional to get them removed. A lot of the girls are suggesting to use nail polish remover acetone, but this isn't as strong as the kind used at the salon. Nail polish remover will soften it, but it'll be difficult to remove it still. Ripping them off will tear your nail beds, and it'll be difficult to touch water close to hot, or maybe even handle certain items as your fingertips will hurt.

The best thing to do, get $20 bucks and go to a nail tech to get them removed the correct way, by soaking your nails in Acetone, not nail polish remover.

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