Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is the best way to take off fake nails at home?

i got my nails done and i have had them on for over a month and i want to take them off at home so i need to know how to take them off at home. what is then best way to do that?What is the best way to take off fake nails at home?
You need to get a bowl that is big enough to at least put all your fingers of one hand in and buy a bottle of 100% acetone, which is the main ingredient in nail polish remover, and fill the bowl with acetone just enough to where your finger nails are submerged and just let them soak for a few minutes. works!What is the best way to take off fake nails at home?
ah-- you can do it at home with acetone (nail polish remover) but it is MUCH easier to just go to a salon. They only charge a small fee and your nails will be much much healthier than if you do it yourself.
They Charge 拢10-拢15 to remove them in a salon, Just do it the same way as they do.

You need a friend, Acetone, from boots, hairdressing supply shop,

Cotton wool pads, Baco foil

Cut pads in half and soak in acetone, wrap one half round you fake nail and cover with a piece of baco foil (keeps the acetone from evaporating) repeat on all fingers and wait 20 mins plus the nails go all gooey and can be pickeled off, its messy but thats how they do it in salons

Cher xx
soak them in nail polish then start at the edges of the fake nail and stake piece by piece off till it comes off be careful it hurts i promise then when your done get nail protection to put on your nail will be thin. you wanna protect the nail.
Soak them in some Acetone based nail polish remover and that should help to almost melt them and they should pop right off w/ out doing any damage to your natural nail !
nail polish remover
soak them in nail poish remover.

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