Thursday, January 21, 2010

How do you get fake nails off without hurting your real nails anymore?

I had acrylic tips put on at a nail salon for a special event. I now want them off. What is the best way to go about doing this and is there anything I should do to my nails after I get the acrylic tips off to help them heal faster or make them look better?How do you get fake nails off without hurting your real nails anymore?
U need acetone... soak your nails in it. If u can not get your hands on pure acetone, buy nail polish remover which is acetone based. Soak your nails in a bowl of it. It will take some time before your acrylic nails start to lift. All depends on how good the job was done in the first place. The better the job, the longer they will take to lift. There is little u can do to make your natural nails look better afterwards, except for cutting them short %26amp; filing them down during re-growth. When acrylic nails are put on, they have to file layers off your natural nails. It looks ugly, but grow them out %26amp; bear with it. Best thing u can try to make them look better whilst growing them out??? Clear polish %26amp; keep them short.How do you get fake nails off without hurting your real nails anymore?
you can go back to the salon and ask them to take them off for you, or you can try biting/ripping them off, but it will hurt. The best thing is to just let them grow out. After they come off, your real nails are going to be thin and brittle and not very nice looking. You can put one of those polishes that strenghten nails and makes them grow faster, but i usually just let them grow out. Good luck.
everyone who says soak them in acetone is correct, however they do this at nail salons which i would shouldnt cost much... your nails wont look great though they will be weak until they grow out completely... you can buy pure acetone but probably only off line... or Home Depot carries it... if you chose to buy an acetone based nail polish remover, make sure to read the label to check that is actually has acetone in it because MOST are now acetone FREE... and even if there is acetone it will be a small amount and will take FOREVER to get the nails off... so just go see your local nail tech...she'll help you ..good luck
Soak your nails in acetone. It melts the acrylic. Moisturise your nails and apply a nail conditioner till there healthy again.
Acetone. Soak for a long time.
I had a little pot with a special lotion to dissolve them (was the same brand as the nails, so you should find something special for your nails too)

Afterwards use oil or cream for nails, and no polish for some time.

A good cure for nails in general is: bath your fingertips for ten minutes in warm olive oil (with some drops of lemon juice). Wipe off and massage in, don't wash.
I have the same problem. They hurt so much to take off. And then I can't get the dried glue off. Umm I heard soaking your fingers in cold, hot and in nail polish remover. I am not sure which one works. I just rip mine off which by the way hurts really bad so don't do it.
The problem with acrylic nails is that they destroy your real nails. I speak from experience. To get fake nails off they have to be soaked off with nail polish remover for an hour. I recently had acrylic nails put on and they looked very nice. Of course I had to go to the nail salon for a ';fill in'; which is more money. Anyway, I got disgusted and decided to have the nails come off on their own. Much to my surprise, the nail bed underneath was so weak and brittle, that all the nail growth peeled off and now I have very short nails..I am so disgusted, but what I did is I bought a protein product for the nail and I polish my nails every day and they are starting to grow. I vowed I will never ever again put those horrible plastic acrylic things on my nails ever again. A note of interested: Have you ever seen a nail technician with acrylic nails? No, because they know better. So, after you get acrylic nails off, buy the protein nail product and start filing down rough edges, polish every day, and wait for natural growth. You will have stronger nails and be better off. Best of luck.
cassandra is right, soaking would be the best thing..,.but that acetone makes my skin crawl. but you won't damage your nails.
soak them in warm/soapy water for about 20-30 minutes. after that, the glue should start to wear off and than you'll be able to peel them off, but gently!

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