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How much does it cost to get fake nails?

For a teenager, how much does it cost to get fake nails put on?How much does it cost to get fake nails?
For nails at a nail salon where I am (TX) it is $20 for regular painted and $25 for french. Designs cost more but I am unsure how much cause i have never got them.How much does it cost to get fake nails?
When I got my nails done in England at a good place it cost me 50 pounds, and then a year later I did them again in New York, and it cost me 70 dollars. These prices are really high, because I only go for the best, but usually they are 20 pounds or 40 dollars. Also, I got them with a full manicure and treatment under the nails, so it's more expensive and much more glamorous and beautiful.

At like some of those weird cheap stores you can get fake nails for even like one dollar, but like probably most of them will be 10 dollars, but you have to be careful because if you get the glue on yourself, it's very sticky and it hurts. Overall, I would not recommend you to them yourself, just go to a place and pay to be beautiful.. it's painful for your wallet, but if you do them yourself, its painful for your body and later removing them is horrible.
Prices vary depending on where you live. Please keep in mind that getting fake nails damages the natural nail. Especially if you continue to get the nails for years. I would only do this for special occasions or as I did to quit nail biting. After a few months, take them off and buy a good nail hardener and keep your cuticles oiled.
i just got them last week at Solomon pond mall at 90's nails and it is 25 for all one color nail and then its 30 for a design or the tip polished i got a yellow v with a double lined stripe that was black with silver in the middle they were so hott.btw i decided to take them off cause they were annoying me and it hurts so bad to take them off and they completly killed my nails i mean they are so thin and they have white lines all over the nail!! so yea i recomend not to get them!
15 to 20 Ds
ive just had some put on about 5 mins ago, and it cost about 拢20 to get the stuff. but my sister is a nail beautician and she did them for free.

It ranges anywhere from 25-40.00 depending on where you live, what you get done and what type of salon you go to! Good Luck :)
its different price at different nail shops. you can get some at walmart for about $5.00. i did.
for good professional ones, anywhere from $20 to $50 or so. for cheap ones you do yourself, $5 or $10.
拢20 x
20 bucks where i live
I usually spend about 35 dollars.depends what you get. I get french tips that are kind of long.
Depends where you go, it can be anywhere from 18-40 dollars
around 40 dollars
around $30.
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