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How strong is fake nail glue?

is it better to do them the night before or on the day?i have some really nice french manicure ones and i dont want to put them on the night before if they are going to brake off in bed or in the shower! i've never used them before if you cant tell!! xHow strong is fake nail glue?
Do you have a Sally's beauty supply where you live?

I have a problem with getting the fake nails to stick to my fingernails. Sally's has a primer that prepares your nails for better adhesion. They have some r-e-a-l-l-y good glues, too. I use them all the time. In fact, I'm getting ready for a wedding this weekend.

You must make sure you apply the nails correctly. Make sure they're dry, wipe them with nail polish remover. Apply the glue %26amp; pivot the nails onto your nail. Don't slide them! And make sure you have them at the angle %26amp; the place you want them cause if you move them you've broken that seal.

Might want to go to a salon if you're afraid you can't do this. Walmart's seems to do a good business here.How strong is fake nail glue?
dont be cheap, u will regret it esp if ur paying for professional photography. just pay 2- bucks and have the tips put on professionally. on the day of your wedding u will be rushing around, adjusting ur dress, etc, all these things can contribute to your cheaply glued nails snapping off. (i have done the short cut as well and frankly the money i saved was not beneficial in the long run) splurge and get ur nails done at the salon. best of luck to you.
its your wedding you need to go all out, go and get them done professionally, the last thing you want is for them to come off during the wedding, Nail glue doesnt hold up very well at all.
Yeah I broke my French tips off the night before my mothers wedding and they looked awful.

If you have the time, get them done the day of.

%26lt;3 congratulations!
It really depends on how well you stick them on and how much you pick at them. Do them the day before or two days before so you have a chance to get used to them. If they fall off, you can always re-glue.

Also, if you're not getting married right away, do a test run a few weeks before so you can really see how they'll feel (they make it hard to zip, for instance!) and how long they'll last. Then you can also decide if you'd be better off getting them professionally done.
Glue is relatively strong which is why it can end up doing so much damage to your nails (when you remove them) when you do them yourself. I would probably get them done the day of either by someone who does their own nails frequently or by a professional. I just started using a gel overlay on my nails which protects them and holds a paint job really well. It would be quicker than getting a full set of tips but even that wouldn't be necessary. A professional could give you a really nice manicure with a French manicure tip quite easily.
Nail glue is string enough that they won't break off by sleeping on them or showering w/ them. If you want them to look really nice and last a little longer I would recommend having them professionally done.

If your wedding is still a while away, try them now. Put them on, sleep in them, work with them, etc.

That will give you an idea of how strong the glue is AND whether or not you like the look. If you don't like the look of the fakes, you can get acrylics or a manicure with the French Tip look.

If you go with the fakes, make sure you have the glue on your wedding day, as well as something that will remove it from your skin.
i wore fake nails when I was a bridesmaid. they were the ones that already had sticky stuff on them, so they probably weren't quite as strong as nail glue. i waited until the last minute to put them on. they lasted all day, but I tried to avoid getting them wet. otherwise they wouldn't have lasted very long.

if they aren't expensive, buy a second set and do a test-run.
it depends on if you do it or if you have a pro do it. if you buy it at like walmart and do it yourself its not that great ut when you get a pro to do it its on for a good couple of weeks
I've always had my nails done the day of an event, most recently, for my own wedding. I knew if I had them done before hand, I would break them, scrape them, smear them, etc. And the nail glue has always been strong enough for me in terms of when trying to rip the nail off, it's pretty strong. But the nail glue doesn't really help the end of the tip from breaking, it only keeps the nail on the nail bed.
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