Thursday, January 21, 2010

How can i keep my fake nails on?

I am terrible for biting my nails! I found the best way of daling with the problem is fake nails which i do myself.

I use the glue that comes with the nails and they stay on perfectly for about a day but the next morning they're falling off every 5 minutes lol

So in the end i get so fed up with sticking them back on that i give up.

Any surgestions on a better glue or something?How can i keep my fake nails on?
I would go to a salon and have either Acrylic or Silk nails put on. They cost 拢20-40 per set, but its less hassle than the do it yourself kits that tend to come off after a few days, or cause mould under the false nail, that really is not attractive when you take the false ones off.

Be warned if you keep the acrylic nails for sometime, your nails underneath will be soft and split easily.How can i keep my fake nails on?
You can get nails done professionally which will last but personally I don't think they look that good. Also keeping false nails on for any length of time wrecks your own.Do you put your hands in water? It could be this that stops the glue from bonding for longer.Best plan would be to stop biting your own. wear gloves to cover them up until they are reasonable and /or to stop you biting them!Apply falsies only if you are going somewhere REALLY special and remove them afterwards.Re-apply next time.If necessary use strengthener on your own nails and SIT ON YOUR HANDS!!!!You'd be surprised how fast they will grow.
Try some fake glue.....
Just get acrylics put on. The money you spend is worth the suffering you go through trying to keep the cheap ones on. They look much nicer and it'll be even more effective at keeping you from biting you nails.
molegrips, you'd look like edward scissor hands, wierd eh?
You have to make sure that your nails are very clean and dry when you put the nails on. You may want to go to a beauty supply store and purchase a tube of professional nail glue. I never had any luck using the self-adhesive nails, I always went and got my nails done, lasted 2 weeks and no problems.
All my friends like the kiss nails. They say that they normally last up to, or longer than 1 week!
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