Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can you put nail polish on fake nails?


umm so i got my nails done (got a set of fake nails) and i also got them airbrushed. now the airbrushed design is chipping bit by bit, i was wondering if i could just take some nail polish and go over the whole nail and just like well change the colour i guess. if i do that will the nail polish stay... and llk will it look normal and stuff?

thankyuhhCan you put nail polish on fake nails?
Sure you can sweetie! Just make sure to put two coats of the nail polish you will be using, and then put a top coat of clear nail polish to add shine. Don't worry it will look normal and the nail polish will stay. I don't wear fake nails anymore, but trust me I've done this plenty of times in the past.Can you put nail polish on fake nails?
Use non-acetate remover to remove old polish, wash/dry and apply new colour of choice. I do it all the time.

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