Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dips and uneven nail bed from fake nails?

Ok so I used to wear fake glue on ones. Maybe like 3 months ago. I quit those (gross), stopped biting my nails (also stopped smoking and started working out...go me!) and grew my nails out, they look great except they have like ridges %26amp; dips, mostly just my thumb nails. This is fake nail damage right? I've been using Nailtiques (makes nails stronger and grow) but it hasn't helped that. Any suggestions? THanksDips and uneven nail bed from fake nails?
Yes, the dips are a sign of damage. The pressure from applying the fake nails can be damaging, and the chemicals that are used can be drying to the nail and cuticle. When the nail bed is irritated, or the cuticles are dried out, the nail matrix concentrates on trying to heal the damage or dryness, and cannot devote as much energy to healthy nail production. Unfortunately, nail strengtheners and even nail polish itself can also be drying and cause this if your nail beds are sensitive, like mine. The only thing is to wait until the damaged nail has grown out. Luckily this is usually not too noticeable in most cases.Dips and uneven nail bed from fake nails?
First of all, Congrats.

And I think it may be damage. Or just let them grow out some more, and cut them evenly.

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