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Does it cost money to have you fake nails removed at the nail salon?

i got acyrilics put on for prom and i want to get them taken off but not redone or anything. my friend says it costs $15 to just have them removed but it costs $15 to have them refilled so i dont think that makes sense... does anyone know how much it costs? or does anyone know how i can get them off on my own?Does it cost money to have you fake nails removed at the nail salon?
At my salon they charge $7 to soak them off. If you take them off yourself make sure they are old so it will be easier. Take Fingernail clippers and clip the tips off. Then take like the thin types of nail filers and work your way into sliding the under your nails to seperate them from your real nail and fake nail. It will take time and it might hurt And your nail might get damagedDoes it cost money to have you fake nails removed at the nail salon?
Yes it does. I use to be a nail tech and it is a total pain in the @ss to remove them. Suggestion you might want to do this on your own. All you need is some regular acetone nail polish remover and soak your nails in it. Yes it will be messy, but it will dissolve the artificial nails. Please after you are done put some sort of nail strengthener on your original nails because they will be on the weak side.
You can go to Michael's and ask them for paint thinners that remove acrylic surfaces and soak in it - but not great for the hands unless that's what they are doing in the salon anyway - don't mess around with it - just pay and get them off - if you try something you're not familiar with you could have some serious permanent damage and like bent nails underneath, etc...
its not worth taking them off on your own. i did that recently and they break and hurt and its awful. its probably around $30 (what i was told, which is why i did it myself!) next time ill get it done professionally!
I just buy fake nail remover from a store. I think Target might have some, and some salons have it too. I actually bought mine from Smith's grocery store, I can't remember the name of the brand, but it's out there, and costs less than going to a salon
DUH IT COSTS ..MAYBE IF DER DA FAKE NAILS..U CAN TAKE THEM OFF WITH HOT WATER N NAIL POLISH REMOVER...depends cuz sumtimes dey do em really good n dey dont wanna come off
i don't think it costs could call them, but i highly doubt it is 15 dollars to have them taken off. I always just bite my own off and it doesn't hurt. I bite iff the tip first and the peel them off. Asatone is what the salon will take them off with. but i know if you plan to get them re done the salon will take them off for free.
depends on the salon
Yeah it costs, it usually costs mi $5 but I'm sure it depends on where you go...Do it urself...Get Acetone in da jar that comes with the brush in it...It works wonders!!!
Well I don't suggest removing them yourself. One day, in homeroom, my friend Jill got sick of hers and ripped them all off, by the time she was done, she was almost in tears. It's not pleasent to DIY.
If you go to a nail salon they are going to charge you to *soak off* your nails (cost varies depending on your location but this is the better choice). You can do this yourself by going to a beauty supply store and purchasing PURE ACETONE and soaking your nails (it's the same thing they will do at the salon for a fraction of the cost!) in it. Make sure you are very careful!!! Acetone is no joke and will eat most painted finishes, etc. Make sure you also use a plastic bowl and you will need a coarse file to remove any remaining residue after you soak them off. Make sure to condition your nails after filing them.
It varies from salon to salon. Try calling them.

To remove them yourself, try soaking your finger tips in Acetone. You can buy this pretty inexpensively at a beauty supply store. Acetone is basically nail polish remover, but it should dissolve the glue.
Yes it costs $15 to remove them. It takes quite a bit of work. It is the same cost to have them refilled because it makes them money either way. If you get them refilled then you have to come back to get them refilled again and again.

If you want to remove them on your own, you will need acetone nail polish remover. This is much harsher than non-acetone. You can either soak your nails in a bowl of acetone, or do them individually. Either way you will have to do them one hand at a time, so you can actulaly do things with the other hand.

1) Cut off the tips of the nails. Be careful not to cut your real nail and be very careful not to cut yourself. The less acrylic you have to dissolve the less acetone you will deactivate. If it is too hard to cut them, then leave them there. No need to put your eye out.

2) Put acetone in a bowl and put your fingers in. If you can do a double boiler method, putting the bowl of acetone in a bigger bowl with warm water, that is better because warm acetone will work faster. DONT put the acetone in the microwave. Put a towel on top of the bowl to keep the heat in.

3) OR you can take little strips of aluminum foil. Take 1 cotton ball per fingers, soak the cotton ball in acetone, put it on the nail, then cover the tip of your finger with aluminum foil to keep the cotton ball on there.

4) Wait 5-10 minutes. KEep checking. When the acrylic is gummy you can start to file it off. Once it gets hard, resoak it again and file it off. Once you get close to your real nail, be very careful. You can use an orange stick (that little stick that is thick on one end and is cut on an angle) to scrape off the remaining acrylic.

5) wash your hands, then moisturize your fingers and nails. All of the acetone has been very harsh on your hands.

Keep in mine that this will take quite a while, especially if the woman used an electric drill on your nail before applying the acrylic. When I put on my own acrylics, I don't use an electric drill. Granted they lift more easily (meaning, they don't last as long) but they come off very easily and I don't end up with nasty, drilled nails in the end.

Good luck!
Most places do charge to remove them, but you can remove them yourself by soaking them in pure acetone. You can use a nail polish remover with acetone in it, but it takes longer. Soak them and when the acryllic starts to get soft rub it off with a towel. Just be careful what bowl you use to soak them in. It will eat through plastic and ruin a glass bowl.
ya mine costed 10$ to get them removed i think

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