Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fake nails... will my nail be damaged?

I just put my fake nails on (the ones you glue in) and i'm just planning to leave them on for only 2 days then remove it with nail polisher. Will my nails be damaged? i'm just worried because i read how some people had on fake nails and their real nails became paper thin.Fake nails... will my nail be damaged?
possiblyFake nails... will my nail be damaged?
You will be fine. They are only paper thin when you get your nailsdone at a nail salon because they file them down to put the fake nail on top. Gluing fake nails onto your nails is perfectly fine especially if you use acetone to remove them instead of just ripping them off. If you rip them off usually bits of the top of your real nail comes off with it and it looks ragged and ugly-- and is probably bad for your nail, too. Luckily, even if you do damage the surface of your nail it is only a matter of time before your nail grows out and you can cut the damaged part off. Good luck and have fun!
There is a very strong possibility that you nails will become damaged. Depending on the way that your nails are ';built-up'; that's how your nails will turn out. Meaning, if you bite your nails a lot, or your nails are naturally ';paper thin'; then that may cause your nails to even break. In my opinion, the only time that I put on fake nails is when there is a special occasion like a graduation, a wedding, party, ect. But my other advice to you is to ask your local Nail Salon for some nail advice!
they become thin because they rip it off and in turn rip off a layer of nail... likewise if you go to a nail salon and get them professionally removed, it will also make your nails really brittle because they soak ur nails in acetone to remove the acrylic.

if you have acrylic your nails will be damaged regardless of how you remove them. if they are press on they should be fine

but nailtique (nail protein strengthener) its expensive, like 15 bucks but it really works. this helps it not to break and split

but youll have to wait until it grows out for it to become bakc to normal =(
There is a possibility.

But I like always use fake nails and my real nails have not been ruinied so I don't know :)

Answer mine please?鈥?/a>
theres a possibility, cause everyones nails are different, but i use fake nails alot, and i just use nail polish remover and take the glue off, and my nails are fine.
umm.. well if you are just leaving them on for two days and there not the real deal where you go and get them done, than i wouldnt worry about it. It well probably leave glue for like a couple of days but thats it :)
Even if they do get thin, they'll grow thicker eventually. You can put this stuff called Hard As Nails by Sally Hansen

on them after you take the fake nails off, that'll make them stronger.
yea they become paper thin when tou go to the nail salon because they use this machine that makes them thin and the ones at the store dont damage your nailsjust let them fall off because if they come off hard your whole nail may come off
I have wore fake nails for years and if I keep them on 2 days then no damage is done except some glue still on my real nails. There are posiblities but it has not happened to me.
If you remove them with polish remover and don't just rip them off, you should be fine. You might have some glue residue left, but that's it.

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