Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fake nails? Will they cover my nail pitting?

I have nail pitting,kind of like the picture below, I would like to know,if I got acrylic french tips, would it cover my nail pitting? I dont what to spend $30 and still see my pitting.


http://www.emedicinehealth.com/images/4453/4453-13248-30890-31111.jpgFake nails? Will they cover my nail pitting?
Yes, it will cover, most salons use alot of the pink powder stuff that turns hard on your nailbed, so it hides little imperfections.Fake nails? Will they cover my nail pitting?
yes they will cover it .
Yes, acrylic nails would cover that. When you get a set of acrylics put on, they file down the surface of your nail and then apply your tips and trim them. They put primer on your nails and use an acrylic compound to finish. I get my nails done like this all the time, and you can't even tell where I've gotten my acrylic filled in.

Talk to the aesthetician for advice about your pitting.
get a buffer it even out your nails and makes it smooth

and im not sure about the acrylic.... never got them
I suppose they will. But they will also ruin your nails. Go to an internet site for beauty supplies like Ulta or Sephora or even the drug store. Search for a nail conditioning cream or even polish. Barielle has some very fine products that actually work.
absolutely it would cover it because they paint the acrylic on and it dries and they add more and smooth it all out

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