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Getting acrylic/fake nails first time at nail shop, what do i ask for and watch for?

i've never been, so like whats a fill, gel?all that..i've heard my friends talk about it but it was never my thing, now im too embarrased at 20 years old to ask..lol

i was always playing sports so i never dared to get them, NOT EVEN FOR PROM.lol

help me plz :)Getting acrylic/fake nails first time at nail shop, what do i ask for and watch for?
Ok, so first of all getting your nails done is really fun actually. There are two types of nails you can get. 1.Acrylic and 2. Gel, Gel is a lot nicer looking its very natural and they are easy to remove. Acrylics have a more ';Fake'; look and tend to be hard to remove. Most people get gel now a days. After a few weeks you need to get them filled if you want to keep them on. Your nails underneath start to get longer so the gel or acrylics start to look bad so you get them filled which is replacing the gel or the acrylics.You usually get your nails filled every 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow. But you only get a fill if you plan on keeping them for a while. When you get gels they usually just do tips. Acrylics usually cover the whole nail in a plasticy type material almost like the kind of fake nails you get in a store. Gel nails cost between $39-60. Acrylics tend to be a little cheaper. You can get a variety of color, designs and even a french manicure (the kind that have the pinkish color for the background and the white tips) with either types of nails. I have the gel nails and i like them a lot better than acrylics they look better too. Gels are applied with a powder and a liquid that form a gel and harden by a UV light. Acrylics are applied with nail glue. Hope this helps you out a little! Your nails will look amazing! Good Luck!Getting acrylic/fake nails first time at nail shop, what do i ask for and watch for?
UV gel is better to put on your nail than acrylic, more expensive but they last longer and generally look better. when you go there just ask for either acrylic or UV tips (whichever you choose). and do not let them jip you out of money. MANY nail salons tell you a price and by the end of the service they try to add 5 or 10 to their original price. tell them exactly what you want before they even touch your fingers and make them write you a receipt first!
they won't judge you there's no harm in asking

personally i like gel nails better than acrylic. its a uv gel they use to cover your nails and looks really nice and lasts about 3 weeks (:

if you want them taken off dont do it yourself it will ruin your actual nail bed just go back to the salon and ask them to take them off and they'll do it for you (:
A fill-in is when your nails grow out and you go and they put acrylic on the grown out part. Dont get gel, they break too easily. Ask for a full set and make sure that you specify that you want acrylic. White tips (the plastic tip to make your nail longer) are easiest to maintain and you do not have to get polish. Make sure to get your nails filled every 2-3 weeks. Any more questions? email me @ divaprincess4523@aol.com

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just say high can i get french acrylics if u want white tips

if u want black, etc. tips just say can i have acrylics with (color) tips?

they will know dont worry
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