Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How can I remove my fake nail tips @ home?

If they are just nails glued on you can use acetone or nailpolish remover with acetone in it. Get a little bowl and soak your nails until they peel off easily.

Same goes for Acrylic nails (use a powder and a liquid to build your nail up), soak and scrape off, then soak and scrape off.

Gel nails are a different breed, there are no chemical ways to remove them.. just the good old man power.. elbow grease.. :D Gotta file those babies off, but if you don't know how I'd recommend going to a salon and asking them to remove them for you. They might charge you a small fee for their time.How can I remove my fake nail tips @ home?
Just get some pure acetone from a beauty supply store, pour it in a bowl, and soak your nails in it. That should take them right off. Short of pulling them off (which is not only very painful, but can damage your nail beds and could possibly end up injuring yourself), that is the only way you'll get them off. Fake nail tips dissolve in acetone.How can I remove my fake nail tips @ home?
very carefully.
soak them in warm/hot water then pull them off. it might e kind apainful. but my friend did that

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