Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do I remove a fake nail?

I broke a nail before my friend's wedding and got a false one put on. That was two weeks ago - and the fake nail is beginning to lift, but I can't get it all the way off! (It was stuck on pretty good!)

Help?How do I remove a fake nail?
You have to soak them in acetone nail polish remover. They will become soft and will lift off.How do I remove a fake nail?
acetone. soak them for 5 mins
soak it in acetone. acetone eats the acrylic. You can also use a pair of nair scissors to trim it down then just keep soaking it in the acetone.
Put it in warm water.
Just go to the nail place and have it removed and replaced. It only cost $5.
Buy acetone at a drug store and soak until it becomes gooey. Wipe with paper towel until the acrylic is gone. Sometimes you will have to peel some off yourself.
soak in ancetone, you can get that fromt the drug store
GO TO THE NAIL SALON AND ASK THEFM TO TAKE IT OFF OR YOU. it will cost but it seems that you really want the nails off so there you go i just told you.

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