Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to remove this FAKE NAIL!? It's bleeding?

I removed all of my fake nails except the right middle finger. I tried for a long time to get it off, then I tried to force it to come off now it's bleeding underneath %26amp; hurts! I already tried grinding it off %26amp; fingernail polish remover. Help!!!!!How to remove this FAKE NAIL!? It's bleeding?
go to the nail place and they remove themHow to remove this FAKE NAIL!? It's bleeding?
oh that happened to me once. lol i tried for days and days.

and one day i poked my sister in the stomach, and its just flicked off.

LOL just like that :P


soak your hand in salty water (very warm) and keep it for like 10 minutes and rub on it or slowly pick it off with something.

hope this help s :)
soak your had in luke-warm hot water. one time my friend glued one to my palm and that got it off. it will take some time though
Soak in nail polish remover. Don't pick, don't scratch, don't pull. If it stings, you're f***ed, go to the hospital.
soak in acetone nail poblish remover! that's what the salon use to remove fake nails

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