Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I lost fake nail while making my meatballs for supper should I tell my family?

I made meatballs for supper, after finishing cleanup and the meatballs are cooking in sauce, I noticed I was missing a fake nail, should I tell family or wait and hope that it ends up in my plate?I lost fake nail while making my meatballs for supper should I tell my family?
Ha, that's hilarious! And I like the exemption from kitchen duty.

But really, a fake nail will have just melted and it's doubtful it will be detected. And NOOO people, it's not going to kill anyone.

You sound like you've got a good sense of humor. You can tell 'em later and it will be one of those ';Remember when Mom lost the nail....'; stories.

Good luck :-)I lost fake nail while making my meatballs for supper should I tell my family?
No, you should wait until one of your family members chokes on it, then casually mention it. That seems like the best plan. In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic. YES you should tell them. jeez
lol i reckon fess up. imagine how embaressing if someone chokes on it, or pulls it out of they're mouth in the middle of the meal, atleast if you for warn them it wont be so embaressing
i would tell them to check what their eating in case u have a small child and he or she could choke on it and die may be.... i would not want that to happen
Depends on how much you love your family. If you love them enough that you don't want them to choke, then yes, you should tell them
haha no if you dont find it while cutting it up then just let them eat it and who ever happens to find it is the special winner and gets extra dessert! (if there still hungry)
Lol! Just hope to find it on the floor sometime in the near future, and not in someone's dinner. Don't say anything, they might all lose their appetites.
tell your family

you don't want them to eat it

and it was a mistake its okay

everyone makes mistakes
You don't want someone in your family to choke on something hard do you?
tell them its just your family they will forgive you they love you
umm idk they might get grossed out i no i would but u dont want some1 to swallow that so if it was one nail tell them so no one will choke just to be safe lol

good luck!
They'll just think it's hard piece of meat.
Don't tell..

May be funny..
Try to find it. If you don't find it tell them...before they eat, not after.
I would tell them...considering that you wouldn't want any of them to find in in their plate.
yeah cause you don't want anyone to eat it and something happen!!!
um ew
no just say it came from the meat balls
tell them init.. !!! =)


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