Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it ok to glue back on a fake nail when it falls off?

I have had fake nails glued on for a couple of days now. When one comes loose and falls off am i supposed to then take off the whole set or can i just glue that one nail back on? Is that healthy for your nails to do that? I dont wear fake nails that often.Is it ok to glue back on a fake nail when it falls off?
Are they just glued on or is there an overcoat of something over them?

If they are just glued on, then yes, you can apply more glue to reattatch them. Glue is not going to hurt your nail.

Here's a few tips...

1. Glue breaks down in water.

2. Use a buffing block to buff the shine off your nail before gluing tips on...they will hold a little longer.

3. To get the tips off, just soak them in some oil and warm water...and then use the buffer to smooth out your nailbeds.

Good Luck.Is it ok to glue back on a fake nail when it falls off?
go get it fixed thats tacky
The glue on fake nails is actually really bad for your nails. And it hurts like a b when you want to take them off so it'll hurt even worse. So don't. What you could do though its go to a professional nail place and have them put on acrylic nails but you would have to go there every two to three weeks to get a fill in because as the nails grow, the nail bed around the cuticle becomes visible. additional acrylic must be applied to fill-in this area.

Oh and when you use fake nails you are at risk for developing nail fungus. Fungus usually develops when water settles between the acrylic and the real nail. This mostly occurs in individuals who do not properly care for their fake nails.

Hope this helps you out a bit.

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