Sunday, January 17, 2010

Is this nail polish or fake nails?鈥?/a>

If it's nail polish, where can I get some that look like it?Is this nail polish or fake nails?
Its called MINX nails. And they are your real nails and instead of chipping, the nail color just wears off. Its pretty exclusive and new to the beauty world. Beyonce can be found wearing it in her music videos for Sasha Fierce.Is this nail polish or fake nails?
i have those there called minx its not nail Polish there coverings the have all styles like plaid ETC.,i live in river view,so yeah not all salons have them but theres a sit to find one close to yu and here it is %26gt;%26gt;%26gt;
They are fake, you can see they are too big for Lily's fingers. You can nail polish that look like that at a store that sells Sally idk her last name, but they have shiny polish. Make sure you get like three coatings of the polish.
i have some like that its pink and its so not new to the beauty world i got it from avon but i don't know what other colors they have and its nail polish
its probb nail polish.

i have some that shiny but its purple.

and i got it from walmart.

its a chrome. just look at like sallys beauty supply


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