Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wahta the difference between nail extentions and fake nails???

nail extensions are just on the tip of the nail. They blend the tip in so that it looks natural.Wahta the difference between nail extentions and fake nails??? extent your nail you'll need fake I guess they're just about the same for me...all fake! hehehehehe...Wahta the difference between nail extentions and fake nails???
Extensions or sculptured are made on the tips using a nail form and a powder and liquid solution, acrylic, porcelain, gel etc, fakes are plastic that cover your full nail and glued on then covered with a same solution mostly acrylic.
Nail extensions and fake nails are pretty much the same, they both provide the same purpose.
The nail extensions start at the tip and extend the length.

Fake nails cover the entire nail and extend the length.

If you have soft nails fake nails that cover the whole thing is your best bet.
its the same.
i think I dont know but I think nail extentions are you just the tip of your nail and fake nails are the whole thing. Like you buy in a box and you glue them on top of your own nail.
It's all the same. You pay someone to put on material to give you longer nails. People just like the term ';extension'; better than fake.

There are many kinds of nail additions out there, in different styles and materials. Acrylic, gel, or fiberglass. Sculpted, tipped, or wrapped. There are also the cheap artificial nails that you apply over your nails with a glue. You won't find them in salons anymore, just in the nail section of your local Wal-Mart or drug store. Most women won't even consider using them.

A tip is where they apply an artifical nail that covers only half of our nail, then use a filler to give it a more natural look.

Sculpted nails is the process of applying a hard surface over your natural nail only to cover problems, like badly bitten nails.

Acrylic is a method where they apply a mixture of powder and liquid that hardens to give you strong surface. It can be used with both tipped and sculpted nails.

Gel is basically the same, but it doesn't smell the way acrylic does. It's applied under a UV lamp to give a high gloss finish.

Fiberglass is what's used in wraps, but also in tips. A fiberglass wrap is where they strengthen your nails with a resin. It can repair broken or split nails. A fiberglass tip is the resin applied over the artificial nails similar to acrylic or gel.

Your nails will continue to grow under any artificial additions, so get them filled or removed once you can see nail growing from the cuticle, about every two weeks.

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