Wednesday, January 13, 2010

WHy is it that most girls these days dont do the whole long nail or fake nail thing?

because it looks extremely chavvy and tacky and not nice AT ALL!!

look at these hidious pics...………

girls want their nails to look natural these days, not tacky and fake.

also.. Girls can't text or do any every day things with huge false nails.WHy is it that most girls these days dont do the whole long nail or fake nail thing?
Because they only look good the first few days, then they start to grow out and look awkward, and they chip, and are impossible to get off, and if you've managed to get them off for looking incredibly stupid, your nails are ruined, and your natural nails look just as stupid.

Fake nails are too fake for me. Most fake things don't necessarily improve you, but f*ck you over during time.WHy is it that most girls these days dont do the whole long nail or fake nail thing?
I find putting on fake nails hard %26amp; it takes about a day to get used to them. I think they look cheap as well. Plus they usually don't come in different colours except french tip and I like to paint my nails to the colour I fancy whenever I want.

I hate growing my nails :P

Its just so fussy having to file them.

Plus I bite my nails.

I also go to a pretty strict school so I can barely get away with nail polish never find super long nails!

I think short, painted nails look lovely %26amp; I'll be sticking to them.
Because they're tacky and ugly?

If I'm on a date with a girl and I notice she has fake nails, I do everything to make sure I never have to call her again.

If I'm on a bus or train, and I see someone with fake nails, it makes my stomach turn a bit.
Because it hurts when you grow you nails long and they break. then its a pain in the *** to trim them all and blah blah.. fake nails look good,, but i have better things to spend my money on. Plus, men dont notice anyway so why bother lol
It's ugly and unnatural. It costs money for fake nails. They're difficult to maintain. Quite frankly they're a hindrance in every day life.
Fake nails are a ***** to keep up with. You have to get them done a lot and they can cost a lot.
Recession recession!!
its fashionable to have short clean healthy nails, so they look better like with a dark colour on them, more versatile.
Some cannot wear fake nails and long nails are hard to grow for some.
I have long nails :) :P Not fake, thats so tacky!
More sense than money
becuz its ugly and they get dirty and u can scratch people easily

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