Sunday, January 17, 2010

Apply nail polish on clear Fake nails?

I bought clear fake nails and i wanna clolour em dark purple but which step to i do first?

A) put on fake nails then add nail polish

B) add nail polish then put fake nails on.

PS. im really bad at colouring them with the nails ';on';

thanks!Apply nail polish on clear Fake nails?
If you're bad at coloring them while they're on, I would say go ahead and paint them first. You can just remove any polish that gets on your fingers before you put them on. Good luck!Apply nail polish on clear Fake nails?
Writing this as a professional in the business, you'd put your fake nails on first, then paint them. Are these tips or full nails that cover your whole nail plate?

If you paint them first, and then apply the fake nails to your fingers, you run the risk of ruining the polish with what ever adhesive you're using to glue them on with and sticking to yourself as well. If you're a pro at gluing on the nails, practice with the color on your natural nails first.

Always start color about and 1/8th of an inch from your cuticle. Don't paint all the way down to the skin. Practice a little on your fingers then take off with polish remover once you get the feel. Put on your fake nails and polish OR have someone else with a steady hand paint your nails.
i would advise u to put the polish on first
i would say put the nails on first because if you don't the paint could smear or something. but if you leave them to dry for a while then paint them first
Put the nails on first, you'll just make a big mess trying to paint them before you put them on! :) if you mess up, oh well, that's what they invented nail polish remover for. :)

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