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Are tips (fake nail you get at the nail salon) bad for you? or cause cancer?

I've never heard of the tips being related to any kind of cancer. Some of the chemicals in acrylic nails or nail polish itself have been linked to cancer, but this could be in animal studies at exposures many times what humans are exposed to, or even ingested in some cases. Animal studies are not always relevant to humans as well. I think that with the data that is currently known, there is almost zero risk compared to other legal products, such as cigarettes!Are tips (fake nail you get at the nail salon) bad for you? or cause cancer?
they do not cause cancer haha.

they just ruin your nails. i would suggest like a crylic or a gel instead because tips are really bad for the nail.

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(:Are tips (fake nail you get at the nail salon) bad for you? or cause cancer?
they're bad for the nail because they sand it down so it'll be pretty thin.

it wont cause you cancer!
they won't cause cancer, but they can really damage your real nails. I once saw a program on Primetime or 60 minutes or something where a woman constantly had her nail tips on and an infection happened and virtually destroyed her real nails. your real nails can develop fungus and/or become really thin. you should give them a break every 3 months.
I have had acrylic nails on for over 25 years!! The main thing is to go to a reputable salon that is very clean!! DO NOT go to the dedicated nail salons where that is all they do. Try to find a salon that does not use a drill. Doing it manually takes a little longer, but you aren't bleeding when you leave!! The only reason your nails would get paper thin, is by the acrylic, tips, etc... being removed improperly. If you find a nail tech that knows, and cares, what he/she is doing, you will be fine!
They are bad for your nails. When you take them off your nails are so paper thin they hurt. It takes a long time for them to become healthy %26amp; thick again.
i never heard about cancer but you can get a nail fungus if the stuff isn't clean properly. and when you get them be sure to use a nail brush to clean under your nails to keep out dirt and germs that can get under there. and make sure the salon keeps there nail files clean and cuticle clippers and so forth. so you wont pick up any thing. my mom n law lost her nail nail due to getting a fungus. but good luck. the can be safe if there done right. and they can make your real nails weak.
acrylics arent bad for you, but what can be bad is the sanitary practices of the particular salon. make sure that wherever you go to get your nails done is clean and equipment is either replaced or sanitized before and after you. good luck :)
I think its bad for your nails cause your nails become so sensitive and not that great looking when they come off.

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