Friday, January 15, 2010

Can I get fake nails even if I'm a nail biter?

I am interested in getting artificial nails, but I don't know much about them. I know I want the french white tips, but they give an option of gel powder or acrylic. I am not sure which are better or what they mean. Also I bite my nails, so I know that the fake nails will have to be kept short, but I am not sure if they can do the french tips on short nails???Can I get fake nails even if I'm a nail biter?
yes! either option is fine. will want to keep ur nails short! i have stubs for nails but the acrylics manage to stay on.

also...hopefully u arent as bad as me...i bit off my last few pairs of i gave up haha.Can I get fake nails even if I'm a nail biter?
hey! I'm a nail biter too, but I've gotten mine done billions of times =) if you want the french white tips, make sure you ask for ';white tips,'; instead of ';french manicure.'; The white tips is actually a white nail that they polish over to have the pink on the BOTTOM. French manicure is a clear nail they spray paint white on the tips, and they chip more and get ruined quicker. but anyway, you can definately get them done no matter how short :) goodluck.
I get fake nails done. I used to bite them before I got acrylic nails. I've asked to get them done short at some salons and they would not do it for me. The more expensive, nicer salons are more willing to do it. Now I get them done at a beauty school, it's cheaper and the salon is very clean. I get them sculpted instead of using the fake tips, they seem to last longer. They also look more natural. So, I would get acrylic sculpted nails, the nail tech will know what you mean.
I recently had my nails done with Gel extensions. I never used to bite my nails, but when one had ripped I would bite it off. Now I have 'fake' nails they are stronger and less likely to tear and are stronger. If you have never had overlays or extensions it may feel weird when you have them done, therefore putting you off biting them.

An as they are quite expensive you may decide not to bite them everytime you get an urge to.
yeah they can. The nail people will be cursing you out, but it can be done. Do the acrylic, its cheaper usually and they all grow out just as fast. Also, since you bite your nails, it will probably be hard not to pick at them with your teeth in which case, they will get jacked up faster. Stick with the cheaper stuff.
i use acrylic nails because i bite my nails too much-- its the only way i can secure myself from biting my nails.

gel powder is supposed to do some extra stuff to ur nails but u cant really tell the difference between acrylic and gel nails... they look the same and grow out the same/ gel nails are also more expensive than acrylic. they can do white tip nails on any kind of nail, even on toe nails! ask for white tips that way the color (white color) dont fade out and u wont have to polish ur nails
You can get fake nails even if you are a nail biter. Def get the white tips, they look really good. Gel powder nails are usually more expensive but they look a bit more natural and are worth the extra money spent on them. I've had them lots of times and like them better.
when u get acrylic done, you can ask for any length that you want. They can cut them as short as you want them. I used to be a really bad nail biter until i got acrylic nails. Trust me, you wont even have the urge to bite them.....
i bite my nails 2 but i dnt bite fake 1s cu it just lik yucky so yea u probably dnt have 2 worry bout dat

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