Friday, January 15, 2010

What is the best way to remove fake nails? ( i used the nail glue to put them on)?

soak in nail polish remover(acetone)(tub with nail polish should be in a bigger tub with hot water, the hot water then warms the nail polish and this activates it and makes the nails dissolve), just dont peel them off, you will damage your nailWhat is the best way to remove fake nails? ( i used the nail glue to put them on)?
try peeling them off as softly and as gentle as you can. because if they're glued on too hard, you might ruin your nail enamel.What is the best way to remove fake nails? ( i used the nail glue to put them on)?
pure acetone
What I do is let them soak in nail polish remover for about a minute then start from the side and try to lift it up and they should start to come off if that doesn't work I use my teeth to lift up the side and lift it up till it snaps off.
Get polish remover with acetone,not the oily or any other kind. You can get any brand. Pour it in a cup and put your fingers in for 3 to 5 minutes.The nails should peel right off. Make sure you use a plastic covering or newspaper on the surface of your table;because acetone will remove any finish ,polish or lacquer.Be sure to lather and wash hands good when finished. Apply lotion or moisturizer to hands.
There's a fake nail remover (it's kind of like fingernail polish remover) %26amp; that's the best way to take them off - otherwise you'll pull off the top layer of your real fingernail's off. I'm not sure what the remover's called but they'll sell it in any beauty supply place, Sav-ons, CVS Pharmacy, etc. I've used it before years ago.

But don't pull them off - it does do damage to your real nails.

Good luck to ya.
Nail clipper. Clip down past your real nail.
soak them in hot water and then chew on them til they crack and then let them fall off
cut them 2 da shortest length u can then soak them in acitone nail polish remover for awile then if all goes well they should come off
well u have to wait until they fall off on their own and then wait another week or maby 2 days for the rest of them and then on the second day take all of them off.
buy special fake nail remover
hot water
Soak your fingertips in nail polish remover until the fake nails soften. You should, then, be able to take them off easily.
Get 100% acetone polish remover and soak your nails in it for a few minutes, then try to gently work them off. If not, soak longer. Be gentle or you can really damage your nails.
you use nail polish remover and leave your hands in 4 about 15 minutes and they melt away. dont try pealing them off, they'll take the top layer of your nail off
It depends how long you've had them on. If its a short amount of time definitely go to the place where you got them done at because it hurts like hell otherwise. If a long time just clip them off yourself.

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