Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can I just apply one fake nail at the salon?

I have very long natural nails and I broke one by accident. I don't want to cut them all now because they've been growing for over 8 months. Can I go and ask for just one nail to be applied in order to hide the fact it has broken? what type of fake nail is least damaging to the natural one? And can i cut with clippers the fake nail every couple of weeks while the natural one grows?Can I just apply one fake nail at the salon?
Of course you can - I'm sure they get asked to do emergency nail repairs a lot.

I can't have acrylic on my nails, it's too heavy for them and my nails are quite thin so the false nail lifts my own nail off the nail bed within 3 days. For me, if I have falsies, I go for gel.

Your damaged nail will be shaped, the tip applied, cut the length and then the surface of it will be filed down - this is so the gel grips and you don't get a blend line bump. Your nail gets painted with a grease remover, then the gel is applied. It's then set under a UV lamp for a minute or so (sometimes it burns, tap your finger on the finger rest if this happens but if it really burns, remove the hand and tell them as they've applied the gel too thick).

A second coat of gel is applied, back under lamp. Once cured, a sticky residue will be on the surface, this is wiped off with a special fluid and you are done.

Some salons will smooth round the cuticle afterwards and apply cuticle oil.

You shouldn't use nail clippers on any extensions as they are strong, can break and make your own nail split. You can gently file the tips down with an emergy board once your own nail starts growing. You can then have the nail soaked off at a salon or file the surface down with an emery board and then using a polish remover that *isn't* suitable for false nails, soak your falsie nail in it. Eventually, it'll wipe off.

Phew, that was long winded!! Can I just apply one fake nail at the salon?
You can do but for it to look as natural as the rest you probably should also have a french manicure done on all of your nails. They can be cut with nail clippers but you will have to have it refilled as it grows otherwise there will be a ridge and gap where the gel was applied to have the tip fitted. If you go to a good salon then it shouldn't matter about damage to your natural nail so long as they use proper sanitation methods. Your natural nail will go dry underneath but once you have the nail removed you can then add moisturiser which should sort it out pretty quick.
Yes. Find yourself a professional nail technician, one that can willingly answer any questions you may have, will also have their certificates proudly on display and has a clean salon. A professional tech will do as you ask and fix the one nail. There is no better system than another, when it come to damage to the natural nail. Damage is done to the natural nail when the enhancement is removed incorrectly by picking, biting or pulling the nail off, or the incorrect filing techniques used by a careless technician, a professional technician will not damage the natural nail at all. I would advise not to cut the enhancement with clippers every couple of weeks, go back to the technician and she will shorten to the length you require and rebalance until your natural nail is the same length as the rest. Once it is, you can then ask the technician to correctly remove the enhancement.
Yes you can have just one nail applied but beware of salons that use the electric file....that will weaken your own nail. The best system to go for would be a silk wrap over a natural coloured tip. The resin used is thinner and more natural acting than acrylic or gel. You could do this at home if you have a beauty supply store close to where you live......if you're interested email me and I'll give you some instructions.

I don't think they will do just one nail- but you can buy kits to do it yourself at home. Yes the idea is to cut down the false nail until your natural nail has reached the length you want.
Yes they will do only one nail. And all fake nails are damaging........and i doubt your clippers will cut the fake nail in fact it might split it, But all you have to do is file it down.
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