Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How old should a teenager be to get fake nails at a nail salon?

im just wondering what is the right ageHow old should a teenager be to get fake nails at a nail salon?
Don't get fake nails. When you take them off, your real nails can't breath and they become soft and take forever to grow. If you do get fake nails, take them off in a month or less. I think the right age is 15 or olderHow old should a teenager be to get fake nails at a nail salon?
There's not a certain age, it's more of a maturity level. You can get fungus and bacteria from fake nails so the teen would have to have enough sense to make sure they keep their hands and nails especially clean to reduce the risk of that happening. Also, unless it's a one time thing for a special occassion the cost of keeping the nails maintained every few weeks adds up so the teen should be able to pay for that out of their own pocket. Also, it wouldn't be a good idea to have them done if you are just going to turn around the take them off a few days later.

Personally I feel that fake nails aren't good because of the above factors I mentioned, plus they really mess up your nails for awhile if you choose to leave off the fake nails.
like 13

I would get gels if i were you. Acrylics are bad for your nails and look cheap.
Well my mother took me to get my nails done the first when I was in the 7th grade only because I was an honor roll student
14 becasue when i was 13 i got it done and took them off the next day

too much to handle
Well my mom, my sister and I are going to get our nails done for my b-day in about a month (Jan. 22=]) and I'm turning 14=) I'm going to get french tips..... they look more natural if you get the shorter kind, so if your thiking about getting 'em done I would get those...

Hope I Helped You Out Some %26amp;%26amp; Take Care!

.~.*.~.!.!.!.!.Happy Holidays.!.!.!.!.~.*.~. btw...
lets see my niece started at 13 or 14... thats ok..
It doesn't matter, I guess teenage years.

I got my first set when I was 13, then again at 14 + 15, but I don't like them at all.

They are an extreme pain in the @$$, not to mention - THEY DAMAGE YOUR NAILS.

You should just get your nails painted with a protective coating so it last longer.

Some places even just do the tips, like the end of your nail, so you won't ruin your nails as bad.

Who knows.
Who is go to pay for them. Fake nails are fine for most people, but they are a lot of money . I know it dosen't sime like it at the time ,but it's a long term thing. If not it is a wast of time, and money. I don't know a teenager that has money laying around. Best of luck
i think 11 12 or 13 is fine to start!!!

i am 13 i have had them for 2 years !!!

I dont think its such a problem for anyone over 11 because I have alot of cousins at these age groups who do theirs. As long as they dont make it too long and make it slut like or anything... then they're fine. Like you know theat brihgt fuscia andlong nails... thats wrong but I think a teenager is fine.
No fakes....they can cause so many issues when they are not taken care of (fungus, infection)....or put on correctly.

My daughters love pedi's and mani's. You can get them at almost any age. They are safe, fun and make your nails look great and grow strong!
never they are soooooooooooooo ugly and FAKE

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