Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can i paint nail polish over my fake nails?

Well i just put some on... but i forgot that i was gonna paint my nails green for St. Patricks Days. I don't want to take them off.... so can i paint them green and then take it off? Or could it be stained and ruin it? Also will nail polish remover damage the nails?Can i paint nail polish over my fake nails?
Dying your hair green would probably be a lot easier. Just a thought.Can i paint nail polish over my fake nails?
yes you can paint them

the nail polish remover might make the nails come off

so try not to get it under them when taking off the polish
yes you can paint them, they have polish remover for fake nails

Yes you should be able to paint your nails green, I did and it was fine.

I'm not sure about nail polish remover as I got special nail polish remover for it.

Hope This Helps !x
Yes you can paint over them just take nail polish remover to take of the old nail polish and if you take a cotton ball and wipe it it will be fine
Whenever I paint my fake nails.. they don't end up looking too hott.. and if you remove the nail polish.. the nails would be stained.. you're probably better off just leaving them as is
no. the amonia stuff

in the nail polish

remover with

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