Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do I get a fake nail off easily at home?

One of my nails broke and need to get it completely off. How can I at HOME?? So basically how a I unsuper gule it??How do I get a fake nail off easily at home?
Nail polish remover. Go to your local drug store (CVS, Walgreens) or a local hair/nail store (Sally's).

put the acetone (nail polish remover, make sure it is pure acetone) in a bowl, and keep your nail/finger in there for at least 5 minutes. If it feels loose, try to pry it off. If it doesn't come off, put it back in there for another few minutes. Repeat until the nail comes off.

A little trick to making this faster is to warm the acetone. DO NOT PUT IT IN THE MICROWAVE. Warm a bowel in the microwave or under hot water and put the room temp acetone in the bowl, or run the bottle of acetone under hot water. Warm acetone helps dissolve better.How do I get a fake nail off easily at home?
eww dat **** sounds nasty mi boy lost his big toe nail in football camp almost threw up
Soak them in acitone.

I just use nail clippers and they usually crack, and then you can ';peel'; it off, kindof.
ok, you know how I did it?

I kept picking it next to my real nail, and soon the tip became a little loose, so I got a card, then just slid it between the fake nail and my real nail. I hope this really helps, because it helped me. and I got my nail off.

soak them in either acetone, warm water, or nailpolish remover .
Soak it in acetone for about 7 minutes. It should come off easily.

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SOAK in nail polish remover, then peel off.(:

Soak it in warm water, not nail polish remover. The remover will ruin your real nail and it's bad for you to absorb through your skin. Just keep it in hot water for a few minutes and squeeze it at the sides until it pops off.
fill a sink with boiling hot water put peroxidee and rubbi alcohal in it and soak ur nails in it for aabout 15-20 mins. sry if it doesnt help!
Soak them in nail polish remover for about a half hour or longer if needed
soak them in acetone

*nail polish remover has aceton ein it*
Soak your finger in Methylated Spirits for a couple of minutes.....or soap water for hours.
Buy the stuff at the drug store that is made specially to get off fake nails...It takes forever but it does at the salon also
soak them in acetone. that'll be faster than nail polish remover.

if you dont want chemicals, use hot hot water.

the best thing is just to use acetone. it gets the glue off and everything
soak it in nail polish remover.
i just bite them off haha, but no try soaking it in nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol
Soak it in nail polish remover, but you have to make sure it does NOT say NO ACETONE... you need the acetone to remove it. Good luck!
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