Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can I put fake eyelashes on with a bit of nail glue?

I have to go to my graduation in about an hour, so I don't have time to go to the store and get real eyelash glue, but I do have some nail glue for fake nails, would that work?Can I put fake eyelashes on with a bit of nail glue?
Don't use nail glue!

It's like, industrial strength.

And yes, heating your eyelash curler works, point a hairdryer at it for 5-10 seconds, then curl and voila! Beautiful lashes!

answer mine? - http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/ind鈥?/a>Can I put fake eyelashes on with a bit of nail glue?
No do not do this eyelash adhesive is not the same a nail glue its more like rubber and come of easily. Nail glue is not for the eyes and should be put no where near your eyes and it could also rip out your eyelashes when time to take the fake ones off. DO NOT DO IT!!!
No, nail glue is totally different from eye lash glue. They are made a certain way. Go ahead if you want, something bad could happen to your eye, it will most likely become irritated, burn %26amp; you won't even look good for your graduation.
OMG noooooooooo honey thats so unsafe !!!! my friend put a glove on then put nail glue on the finger tips and he could feel it burning through the glove ......dont ask lol stupid high school dayz ....but for real if it does that I can only imagine what it would do to your eyes !
i would suggest if you have mascara... start at your base with a lot of liquid on the brush and wiggle it down to the tip.. repeat a couple of times. (for length and boldness) but in this case dont use the eyelash curler... it will make the lashes appear shorter
Absolutely not. Nail glue is not made to be anywhere near your eye, and will probably cause serious damage. Your eyesight is definitely not worth the risk.
heck no!!!!! nail glue is too harsh for your eyes!!!... it's too hard and liquidy and can damage you!... the lash glue is rubber-like, so totally different consistency..
good god NO,

no no no no.
ha ha a ha aha ha ah no

you wont be able to get it off...and if it drips in your eye, your screwed

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