Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can I put a fake nail where my fingernail fell off?

I recently slammed my finger in a car door and the nail is already loosened and will eventually fall off. I'm wondering if I will be able to put a fake nail on the skin underneath the fingernail. I don't want to gross people out when I don't have a fingernail but I don't know if I should be putting that glue on the sensitive skin of my fingertip.

Please help!Can I put a fake nail where my fingernail fell off?
Don't use a fake nail. The wound needs to heel without anything foreign on it. The glue from the fake nails could agitate it and even make it become infected. No one will notice your nail unless you show it to them...people just don't pay that much attention. Good luck and I hope it heels well.Can I put a fake nail where my fingernail fell off?
No , don't do it at least for now please .

In the long run your nail may be back like normal , may not depends on how much damage it has.

the best way is ask your doctor if It can come back and what medicine may help them back faster .

in the future after it totally recover and you still not see it back to normal , fake nail on can be an option.

good luck.

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yeah you can.

just don't get acrylic nails.

get gel ones.

acrylic will ruin the skin.

but you might wanna put fake ones on all your nails so it doesn't look all out of place.
dont. just put a light bandage on it, and let it grow back. trust me, it will ruin your nail and everything. dont do it!
dont use glue ive been through this before just use some electrical tape seriously no one will notice. seriously.

your going to have to let it grow out

happened to me

you dont want it to get infected
if u want an infection, go for it, otherwise, jus let ur nail heal and grow out

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